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John Calvin As Teacher, Pastor, And Theologian

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John Calvin has been the subject of numerous interpretative studies, but most have focused on only one aspect of his thought or a limited selection of his writings. Randall Zachman's work on the reformer, however, adopts a uniquely holistic approach. 

After a brief biographical chapter, Zachman provides a distinctive introduction to Calvin's theological and exegetical writings, working from the reformer's own understanding of his ministry as a teacher and pastor. Zachman then turns to consider Calvin the theologian. Despite the Reformation's opposition to the use of images in the church, Calvin always balanced verbal proclamation with the idea of a visible manifestation of God--both in creation and in Christ. In this regard, Zachman analyzes Calvin's analogical theology and contrasts it with the thought of Martin Luther.



Randall C. Zachman (PhD, University of Chicago) is associate professor of Reformation studies at the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana. He is the author of several books, including The Assurance of Faith: Conscience in the Theology of Martin Luther and John Calvin and John Calvin as Teacher, Pastor, and Theologian.



"Randall Zachman is fast becoming a premier Calvin interpreter, and this volume shows why. Zachman explores Calvin's calling as teacher and pastor by examining Calvin's concern for godly doctrine and the exposition of Scripture. He also probes Calvin's calling as theologian by showing how Calvin combined hearing the Word of God with actually seeing living images of God--particularly in creation and Christ. Zachman's work expands our perceptions of Calvin's theological work for pastors and ordinary Christians. He leads us to a wider view of the fullness of Calvin's labors and to a deeper appreciation of 'the school of Christ' in which we are all pupils."--Donald K. McKim, editor, The Cambridge Companion to John Calvin and Calvin and the Bible (Cambridge University Press)

"Baker Academic is to be congratulated for bringing together this fine collection of Professor Zachman's essays on Calvin. Two new ones have been added, one on catechism and the other a very intriguing comparison/contrast of Luther and Calvin on hearing and seeing revelation. Students of Calvin will be much benefited by having all of these essays easily available in one place where they can so helpfully enhance each other."--Elsie McKee, Archibald Alexander Professor of Reformation Studies and the History of Worship, Princeton Theological Seminary