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Inside Noah's Ark: Why It Worked (Chaffey & Welch)

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The new Ark Encounter represents more than just a giant wooden ship — it reveals important details on how the systems within the Ark could have worked! Refuting the most common arguments against the viability of the Ark, we learn how ancient knowledge of bamboo pipes, cisterns, gears, ropes and pulleys, animal-powered machines, and more show how the ship was not just seaworthy, but an actual working vessel. The book also explores how a crew of just eight people could have housed, fed, and watered all of the representatives of the animal kinds. In this book you will learn:

  • How critical issues of fresh water and waste removal might have been solved
  • Labor-saving minimal designs to aid in the care of the animal kinds
  • Historical efforts to determine feasible details of the Ark and its journey.

What details are actually revealed in the Bible concerning Noah’s Ark? What do we know of the pre-Flood world? Did the skills exist during Noah’s time for a boat like the Ark to be built? Discover the answers to these and many other questions about one of the most amazing accounts in history, and realize God’s Word regarding the history of God’s world is true!

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • 1. Starting Points
  • 2. The Ark Through the Ages
  • 3. Could It Work?
  • 4. Food & Water Storage
  • 5. Feeding & Watering
  • 6. Wastewater Systems
  • 7. Maintaining the Ark’s Environment
  • 8. Ancient Man: The Pre-Flood World
  • Conclusion


Laura Welch has worked in the Christian book publishing industry for almost 10 years, currently serving as Editor-in-Chief of New Leaf Publishing Group. Her education and experience in publishing, journalism, technical writing and research are the platforms from which she develops innovative book content. With a love for words, writing and history, Welch brings remarkable projects to completion. Welch’s recent work includes co-editing the award-winning Dragons: Legends & Lore of Dinosaurs and the new Big Book of History.