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Innocent Blood: Challenging the Powers of Death with the Gospel of Life (Ensor)

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Cruciform Press
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The gospel of Christ is the gospel of life, and the Christian’s defining reality. Yet the shedding of innocent blood, primarily through abortion, has now marked an entire generation. Innocent Blood explores a series of questions so as to reveal vital connections between the gospel and the call to defend the unborn. These questions include:

  1. What does the Bible mean when it says that “life is in the blood”?
  2. What does the Bible say about blood-guilt? How is it that we are all stained by it and accountable for it even though few of us have taken a human life?
  3. What remedy does God provide for the guilt of shedding innocent blood?
  4. What are we to do when confronted with the shedding of innocent blood, and where does our courage to take action come from?
  5. What is the link between protecting the innocent and proclaiming good news to the guilty?

Not a book on social issues per se, nor a book on missions, Innocent Blood integrates the two and calls us to courageously challenge the powers of death with the gospel of life.

Table of Contents:

  1. Blood-Precious: Christ Died for the Innocent
  2. Blood-Guilt: God’s Response to the Shedding of Innocent Blood
  3. Blood-Atonement: Christ’s Provision for the Shedding of Innocent Blood
  4. Blood-Earnest: Christ’s Courage to Stop the Shedding of Innocent Blood
  5. Blood-War: Satan’s Plan to Delay the Final Triumph of the Gospel
  6. Appendix: Six Things You Can Do to Help Save the Innocent



John Ensor is a leader in the rapidly expanding pregnancy help movement, and known mostly for his multiple efforts to help Christian communities establish ultrasound-equipped clinics in the neediest neighborhoods of our major cities. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Global Initiatives for Heartbeat International—initiating pregnancy help ministries in Asia and other un-reached areas. He lives in Roswell, Georgia.



Innocent Blood is a powerful indictment…there are areas about which Christians can disagree. This is not one of them.”  – Dr. John Frame, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Stellar! A bridge between the defense of life and gospel proclamation…concisely worded, theologically grounded, philosophically sound. I wholeheartedly recommend it!” – Scott Klusendorf, Speaker and author