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How Can I Please God in Everything? - Cultivating Biblical Godliness Series (Thomas)

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As Christians, our hearts desire to please God always and everywhere. But how do we do that?

In this booklet, Geoffrey Thomas shows us that pleasing God cannot exist apart from living by faith—entrusting all of yourself to all of Christ. He goes on to discuss how we must make pleasing God our goal, which is exemplified in having evangelistic compassion, doing our daily work as unto the Lord, keeping the Lord’s Day special, and having a Christian home.



Series Description


D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said that what the church needs to do most all is “to begin herself to live the Christian life. If she did that, men and women would be crowding into our buildings. They would say, ‘What is the secret of this?’” As Christians, one of our greatest needs is for the Spirit of God to cultivate biblical godliness in us in order to put the beauty of Christ on display through us, all to the glory of the triune God. With this goal in mind, this series of booklets treats matters vital to Christian experience at a basic level. Each booklet addresses a specific question in order to inform the mind, warm the affections, and transform the whole person by the Spirit’s grace, so that the church may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things.





Geoffrey Thomas served as pastor of Alfred Place Baptist Church in Aberystwyth, Wales, for more than fifty years and continues to preach and speak at conferences around the world.



“Every true believer longs to please God. Due to indwelling sin and at times perhaps an ‘overly scrupulous conscience,’ as the Puritans used to call it, we can easily feel self-defeated in achieving our longing. In this booklet, Geoff Thomas wisely counsels us to flee to Christ and provides invaluable helps at how to grow in a daily consciousness of aiming to live each day intentionally to please God. You will find that reading this booklet slowly and prayerfully, with the Spirit’s grace, may well provide a great and steady boost in your spiritual pilgrimage.” — Joel R. Beeke, president of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan