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Herein Is Love, Vol. 1: Genesis (Ganz)

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Shepherd Press
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This is the first book in Nancy Ganz’s Herein is Love series.

Yes, Bible commentaries for parents to read to their children. This series of books provides what children need—solid truths to grow in. In these books, Nancy Ganz draws out the beautiful implications of the Old Testament narrative that are foundational for Christian faith.

The beginning books of the Bible are essential to our understanding of God’s redemptive story. The Herein is Love series creatively focuses our attention on the events that bring this story to life, combining the richness of literature and the depth of a commentary.


Table of Contents:

  1. The Word of God
  2. In the Beginning, Out of Nothing
  3. The First Day
  4. The Second Day
  5. The Third Day
  6. Green! Glorious Green!
  7. The Fourth Day
  8. The Fifth Day
  9. The Sixth Day
  10. A Creature Is Crowned
  11. The Image of God
  12. The Gift of Life
  13. The Gift of a Garden
  14. The First Wedding
  15. The Seventh Day, A Holy Day
  16. War in Heaven
  17. The Day of Evil
  18. The Serpent
  19. The First Temptation
  20. The Fall
  21. The Word Fulfilled
  22. Division, Division, Division, Division
  23. Hope
  24. The Stand
  25. Grace and Faith
  26. Grace and Peace
  27. A Child Is Born, A Son Is Given
  28. Cain’s Choice: Life or Death
  29. Two Kinds of People, Two Races of Men
  30. Only Evil, All the Time
  31. By Faith, An Ark!
  32. The Flood
  33. A Journal of Praise
  34. A New Beginning
  35. A Sign in the Clouds
  36. A Divided Family
  37. The City of God
  38. The God Who Guides and Guards and Gives
  39. An Account of Kings
  40. A Very Great Reward
  41. Know for Certain
  42. God Hears! God Sees!
  43. The Covenant Confirmed
  44. Three Visitors
  45. A Day of Destruction, A Day of Salvation
  46. The Serpent Strikes, But Fails
  47. The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away
  48. The Lord Will Provide
  49. A Love One Lost, A Loved One Gained
  50. God Blesses Isaac
  51. God Chooses Jacob; Jacob Chooses God
  52. First the Birthright, Then the Blessing
  53. Jacob Blessed and Blessed Again!
  54. Deceiver is Deceived
  55. The Stars Begin to Shine
  56. Time to Go Home
  57. Jacob Returns to the Promised Land
  58. Jacob’s Refuge
  59. Joseph Loved and Hated
  60. The Lord Was With Joseph
  61. Dreams Come True
  62. From the Prison to the Palace
  63. The First Journey to Egypt
  64. The Second Journey to Egypt
  65. Hidden Things Revealed
  66. Israel Goes to Egypt
  67. Jacob’s Last Years
  68. Grief and Death with Faith and Hope



Nancy Ganz has spent the last twenty years in her native land of Canada, helping her husband, Dr. Richard Ganz, in church-planting work and home-schooling their four daughters. She received her formal theological training from the University of Toronto prior to her conversion to Christ at L’Abri in the Netherlands. However, it has been the many years of Bible study since that time which has produced here Herein is Love commentaries on the Old Testament. Currently, most of her time is spent studying the Scriptures, writing various books, and taking long walks along the country roads and woodland paths near her home.



“Interesting and very competent… a major contribution!” — D.A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Doctrinally sure-footed, warmly devotional and refined of years of practical teaching experience, these lessons will prove an invaluable resource for all those engaged in training children for God. As society drifts ever farther from biblical moorings, here is timely help towards preparing a new generation to stand steadfast in the faith and, by God’s grace, impact the world for King Jesus.” — Ted Donnelly, President, Reformed Theological College, Belfast

“Where can one even think of finding such treasures as these fine commentaries on Bible books written for children? A tour de force in children’s literature.” — Derek Thomas, Professor of Systematic and Practical Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“What I have appreciated most—in addition to fine insights into the text—is the spirit and tone in which it is written. It reads as one who delights in the greatness and love of God; one who has childlike respect for God. And this also commends itself to children. I have been helped in ‘becoming like a child’ in reading Nancy’s work. I am thankful for her fine work and dedication.” — Brian Coombs, Pastor, Syracuse Reformed Presbyterian Church