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Good Choices Bad Choices: Bible Characters Decide (Stapleton)

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Christian Focus

The Bible teaches us that God always does what He says He will do. It is a great comfort to know, that God’s plans and purposes are not changed by men and women who make wrong or foolish choices. In a way that we cannot understand, God rules over everything, so that His promises are always fulfilled. From the first wrong choice made by Adam and Eve throughout the Bible we meet many people who chose well or who made foolish decisions. This book will help you to focus on God’s Word and his wisdom guiding you in your own day to day choices.

Features: 44 devotional readings with scripture references and thinking further questions.


Jean Stapleton made nursing her career before she became a wife and a mother. She was involved with beach missions for a number of years and has worked with children of various ages and backgrounds in the local church and in her own home.


Jean Stapleton has compiled a clear and thought–provoking devotional for children contrasting Biblical characters who chose things such as forgiveness, obedience, or suffering with characters who sadly chose things such as deception, greed, or compromise. This book is an excellent aid for helping children evaluate situations they may face and understand the agency they possess as a child of God to choose what will be God–honoring.

Heather Winslow LeFebvre, Author of ‘The History of Christmas: 2,000 Years of Faith, Fable and Festivity

This book can help children choose well and, most importantly, trust in the God who redeems our choices—even the bad ones—as he unfolds his beautiful plan.

William Boekestein, Author of ‘Ulrich Zwingli:Shepherd Warrior’