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God the Son Incarnate: The Doctrine of Christ (Stephen J. Wellum)

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Nothing is more important than what a person believes about Jesus Christ. To understand Christ correctly is to understand the very heart of God, Scripture, and the gospel. To get to the core of this belief, this latest volume in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology series lays out a systematic summary of Christology from philosophical, biblical, and historical perspectives—concluding that Jesus Christ is God the Son incarnate, both fully divine and fully human. Readers will learn to better know, love, trust, and obey Christ—unashamed to proclaim him as the only Lord and Savior.


Table of Contents: 

Part 1: Epistemological Warrant for Christology Today
Part 1 Introduction
Chapter 1: Contemporary Christology
Chapter 2: "Biblical" Epistemology for Christology
Part 1 Summary
Part 2: Biblical Warrant for Christology Today
Part 2 Introduction
Chapter 3: The Authoritative Structure of the Biblical Storyline
Chapter 4: The Identity of Jesus from the Storyline of Scripture
Chapter 5: The Deity of Christ: God the Son from Eternity
Chapter 6: The Humanity of Christ: God the Son Incarnate
Part 2 Summary
Part 3: Ecclesiological Warrant for Christology Today
Part 3 Introduction 
Chapter 7: Ante-Nicene Christology: The Need for Orthodoxy
Chapter 8: Christology from Nicaea to Chalcedon: The Emergence of Orthodoxy
Chapter 9: Post-Chalcedonian Christology: The Establishment of Orthodoxy
Part 3 Summary
Part 4: A Warranted Christology for Today
Part 4 Introduction 
Chapter 10: Contemporary Challenges to Orthodox Christology:Kenoticism—A Middle Way?
Chapter 11: Evangelical Christology and Kenotic Influences
Chapter 12: Evangelicals and Kenotic Christologies: A "New" and "Better" Way?
Chapter 13: Christological Formulation: The Orthodox Identity of Jesus Christ
Chapter 14: Defending the Theology of God the Son Incarnate



Stephen J. Wellum (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is professor of Christian theology at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, and editor of the Southern Baptist Journal of Theology. Stephen lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Karen, and their five children.



"Wellum’s treatment of this glorious subject is comprehensive in scope and is marked by precision, clarity, biblical fidelity, and a close acquaintance with the centuries of discussion surrounding it. It is the most helpful book on Christology I’ve read, and it is a pleasure to commend it to you!" - Fred G. Zaspel, Pastor, Reformed Baptist Church, Franconia, Pennsylvania

“Exploring our Lord’s person and work from a variety of angles, Wellum engages a wide range of issues and conversation partners. Consolidating the gains of evangelical Christological reflection, this volume makes gains of its own, particularly by wrestling clearly and carefully with contemporary trends in biblical studies as well as philosophical, systematic, and historical theology.” - Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California; author, Core Christianity: Finding Yourself in God's Story

"This is a clear, comprehensive, and compelling study. It shows Christology to be like a fabric made up of many threads all tightly woven together, a doctrine with presuppositions, connections, and consequences for the age in which we live. This doctrine is here seen in its wholeness, and that is what makes this study so theologically wholesome. It is fresh and excellent." - David F. Wells, Distinguished Senior Research Professor, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary