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Foundations of the Gospel: A Believer's Commentary on Genesis 1-3 (Gangar)

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In Foundations of the Gospel, Kuldip Singh Gangar challenges prevailing nonliteral readings of Genesis 1–3. Against various old-earth views of world origins, Gangar argues that believers can read the Bible at face value and trust the historical accuracy of its account of creation. As the author says, “If at the beginning we cannot take God’s Word at face value, then we are left wondering whether other passages should also be read that way or not.” Gangar’s apologetic commentary provides a defense of youngearth creationism, showing how modern concerns are most reliably addressed with traditional biblical interpretation.

Table of Contents:

1. “In the Beginning”

2. Basic Principles of Interpretation

3. The Historicity of the Early Chapters of Genesis

4. Christianity and Science

5. Day One of Creation

6. The Second and Third Days of Creation

7. The Fourth and Fifth Days of Creation

8. The Sixth Day of Creation

9. The Seventh Day: The Sabbath

10. Are the Days of Genesis 1:1—2:3 Literal?

11. Is There Conflict between Genesis 1 and 2?

12. The Garden and the Creation of Man

13. The Covenant of Works

14. The Divine Institution of Marriage

15. How Not to Read Genesis 3

16. The Fall

17. The Immediate Consequences of the Fall

18. The Mother Promise


“It is a privilege to commend this expository and apologetic commentary on Genesis 1–3 by the late Rev. Kuldip Gangar…. Like the apostle John (John 1:1–5), Rev. Gangar knew that Genesis is the beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ. As a result, he set out to carefully engage this area of evangelical confusion by faithfully and ably guiding us through challenges ranging from skeptical criticism to subtle and nuanced ‘alternative interpretations’ of the Genesis text. Rev. Gangar saw that both historic and contemporary evangelical trajectories make it plain that where we lose a right understanding of Genesis 1 and 2, this will extend to Genesis 3 and the fall and to the denial of the person and work of Christ. His opening chapters engage theological and scientific issues, providing a robust defense of an orthodox doctrine of Scripture, including principles of biblical interpretation. From the fifth chapter onward, he weaves together a defense of the literal tradition of Genesis interpretation with the exposition of the text of the first three chapters of Genesis. As you take up and read this work, you will gain understanding of the essential beginning of the Bible and the world, engaging with the God who has spoken to us by His Son, Jesus Christ.” Willliam VanDoodeward, from the foreword