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First Wives' Club: Twenty-first Century Lessons From the Lives of Sixteenth Century Women (Heath-Whyte)

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The Reformation was a time of exciting and radical change. The leaders would have been under great pressure as they stood firmly for their convictions in the face of danger and threats. What would it have been like for the women who stood beside and supported them?

Although many of these pressures are totally alien to us today, we still face the same challenge of standing firm for the gospel in a world which is against the God of the Bible.

In this companion to Old Wives’ Tales Clare Heath–Whyte once again shows us the importance of learning from the past. She tells the stories of six Reformation wives including Katie Luther, Katharina Zell and Idelette Calvin. She honestly portrays how they endeavoured to live godly lives during this tumultuous period in history.

Get to know the fascinating stories of these six courageous, hard–working wives. Learn from their mistakes and struggles, and be encouraged by their examples.

Anyone who has ever listened to a (male) speaker and wondered about his wife will enjoy First Wives’ Club. Stimulating, diverse and well–researched, this book is a very readable way–in to Reformation history. ~ John and Ann Benton


Table of Contents: 

1. Katie Luther

2. Anna Zwingli

3. Argula von Grumbach

4. Katharina Zell

5. Wibrandis Rosenblatt

6. Idelette Calvin 



Clare Heath–Whyte is a popular speaker and author of “Old Wives’ Tales” and “First Wives’ Club”. Clare is Vaughan Robert’s sister and is married to David who is a vicar who writes groovy tunes and they have two children. She lives in Morden, South London.