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Down, But Not Out: How to Get Up when Life Knocks You Down (Mack)

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Do circumstances control you? Do you worry about your next career move? Are you overworked or missing deadlines? Are you unsure of the next step? Life is full of problems that can bring us down. As Christians, however, we know that Jesus overcame the world, and by his power at work within us, we can as well. 

In Down, But Not Out, Wayne Mack brings biblical counsel to people suffering from worry or spiritual burnout—two major problems that knock us down. Other chapters treat "downers" such as self-pity, discontentment, discouragement, perplexity, and hopelessness.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Worry: Public Enemy Number One

1. The Seriousness of the Problem

2. Legitimate Concern Versus Sinful Anxiety

3. Strengthening and Using Your Faith

Part 2: Spiritual Burnout: Rekindling the Flame

4. A New Word for an Old Problem

5. The Bad News about Burnout

6. The Good News about Burnout

7. Talking to Your Heart

Part 3: Other Problems That Knock You Down

8. Feeling Sorry for Yourself

9. Discontentment

10. Perplexity and Confusion  

11. Discouragement

12. Hopelessness 


“This book is greatly needed and immensely helpful. There is a supernatural way to overpower trouble, to live in contentment with a deep down peace and an unassailable joy. Every believer can enjoy triumph in trouble. In fact, that is what God wants for us. Wayne Mack shows us how.” – John Macarthur

Down, but Not Out is written with the theological integrity and biblical practicality that you have come to expect from one of the world’s foremost Christian counselors. This is a book that worriers (and those who want to help them) have been waiting for.” – Lou Priolo