Discussions in Church Polity (Westminster Discount) (Hodge)

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Table of Contents: 


List of Selections In The Order of Publication

Part I: Preliminary Principles

Introductory Notes to "General Assembly" Articles

1. Idea of the Church

2. Theories of the Church

3. Visibility of the Church

4. Perpetuity of the Church

5. Principles of Church Union

6. Province of the Church

7. Relation of the Church and State

8. Presbyterianism

9.The Church of England and Presbyterian Order

10. Presbyterian Liturgies

Part II: Application of Principles

11. History and Intent of Constitution

12. Particular Church

13. Church Officers

14. The Presbytery

15. The General Assembly

16. Discipline



Charles Hodge (1797-1878) was a scholar, educator, churchman, and distinguished American Presbyterian systematic theologian of the nineteenth century. During his half-century tenure at Princeton, Charles Hodge held several chairs, but is probably best remembered for the reputation he established as Professor of Systematic Theology. A stout Calvinist with a deep love for the Reformed confessions, his literary labours often involved a polemical thrust, as he sought to defend and expound the Reformed theology of the Protestant Reformation.