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Counsels and Thoughts for the Spiritual Life of Believers (Moor)

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"This book is published, as its title indicates, for the use of believers--that is, for the use of all whose who, through grace, have been effectually led to see, in some measure, their position as sinners before God, and their deep need of salvation through the atoning death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Its aim, through the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit, is to be helpful to them for their establishment in the full assurance of faith, in relation to their perfected and unchanging salvation in Christ; also to be useful to them in their conflict with indwelling sin; and to assist them in their endeavor to live a life of faith on the Lord Jesus, to walk in daily fellowship with Him, and to be at all times His faithful witnesses.

It purposely contains repetitions of Gospel statements; for, although the spiritual needs of believers are many and varied, there is but one great fountain of fullness for all, even the Lord Jesus Christ Himself; for 'the sum of all spiritual progress and spiritual life is--more of Christ in the mind, better to know Him--more of Christ in the heart, better to love Him, and to be more influenced by Him--more of Christ in the life, better to serve Him' (page 166).

Moreover, those who have been privileged to have much intercourse with believers in relation to their spiritual experience in all its varied stages, and in relation to the many mistakes and heart troubles they fall into, are well aware that spiritual truths which the believer had often thought about, without any apparent benefit, have, when presented to the mind in a different form, or in a different relationship, or at a different time, often has been made instrumental of much blessing through the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit.

The fifth part of this book (pages 252-398) contains three divisions of briefer thoughts and counsels. Each division contains thirty-one; so that those who find them helpful in their spiritual life, may use them daily for three months.

One paper in the second part, two in the third, the last two in the fourth, and about one-third of the fifth part, were published separately some years ago. They have been revised, and are now included in this volume.

May our gracious Father--the Father also of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--grant that this attempt to be useful to His eternally-loved, but often much-tried children, may result in much glory to the name of Jesus, in their hearts and lives, through the effectual blessing of the Holy Spirit." - From the author's introduction.


FIRST PART: Counsels and Thoughts Concerning the Believer's Standing in Full Salvation

1) To the Believer--On Living in the Unclouded Enjoyment of Covenant Blessings

2) To the Believer--Concerning Legal and Filial Reconciliation to God, and Concerning the Forgiveness of Sins

3) Concerning the Distinctive Character of the Faith of God's Elect

4) To the Believer--Concerning Sinnership and Salvation

5) Concerning some of the Cause of Soul Bondage

6) To the Believer--Concerning the Attainment of the Full Assurance of Salvation

7) Concerning the Difference between the Religion of the Natural and the Spiritual Man

8) Concerning the Father's Indication of those Sinners who are the Objects of His Love and Salvation

9) To the Believer--Concerning the Experimental Results of Being in Christ

10) Concerning Receiving Christ and the Result Thereof

11) Concerning the Beginning of the Work of Grace in the Heart as being the Sure Pledge of its Completion

12) To the Believer--Concerning the Foundation of an Assured Hope

13) Concerning the Course of Experimental Salvation and its Manifestations

14) Concerning Some Things to be Remembered

15) Concerning Heart-Experiences in a Dying Hour

16) Concerning the Written Word as a Sure Foundation for Abiding Consolation in Relation to the Present and Future World

17) Concerning the Perfect Safety of True Believers and the Impossibility of their Finally Falling Away

18) Concerning Believers and the Curse of the Law of God

19) Concerning the Most Prominent Truths Experimentally Taught by the Holy Spirit

SECOND PART: Counsels and Thoughts Concerning the Spiritual Conflict in the Inner Life of Believers

1) Concerning the Inward Conflicts

2) To the Believer--Concerning the Way of Success in the Conflict with Indwelling Sin

3) Concerning the Believer's Relationship to the First and Last Adam

4) Concerning the Way of Victory under Temptation from Sinful Thoughts and the Power of Satan

5) To the Believer--Concerning the Importance of Encouraging the Habits of the New Nature

6) Concerning the Evidence and Effect of More Grace

7) To the Believer--Concerning his Dealings with Evil Self

8) Concerning Dissatisfying Experiences

9) Concerning the Trials Arising from a Keenly Sensitive Nature

10) To the Believer--Concerning a Divided Heart

11) Concerning the Influence of Little Things

12) Concerning Self-Love

13) Concerning Spiritual Growth

14) On the Proper Order of Faith and Experience

15) To the Believer--Concerning the Way of Consciously Receiving Power from the Lord Jesus in Heart Conflict with the Evils Within

THIRD PART: Counsels and Thoughts Concerning a Life of Faith on the Lord Jesus, and Walking in Fellowship with Him in the Daily Path

1) To the Believer--Concerning Personal Dealing with the Lord Jesus in the Providential Path

2) About Looking to the Lord Jesus

3) Need Met in Christ

4) Concerning Sincerity of Heart in Walking before God and before Men

5) On the Excellency of a Resigned Will

6) To the Believer--Concerning Intercourse with Unbelievers, and Fellowship with Fellow-Believers

7) To the Believer--Concerning Rest and Help in Jesus Amidst Seemingly Adverse Providences

8) On Living upon Christ

9) On Prevailing Faith

10) On Being Led by the Spirit

11) To the Believer--About Realizing Christ's Presence

12) To the Believer--Concerning Growth in Grace, and the Fuller Experience of Life in Christ

13) To the Believer--Concerning a Rightly Directed Faith

14) On Living to the Glory of Christ

15) To the Believer--Concerning the Discipline of Love

16) Pilgrim Trials and Pilgrim Fellowships

17) Concerning Personal Relationship Between God and Man

18) To the Believer--Concerning the Way of Fellowship with the Lord Jesus

19) Further Thoughts and Counsels to the Believer Concerning the Way of Fellowship with the Lord Jesus

FOURTH PART: Counsels and Thoughts Concerning Justification, Sanctification, the Law & Gospel, and National Israel and Spiritual Israel

1. Concerning Justification

2. Concerning Sanctification

3. Concerning the Responsibility of the Natural and Spiritual Man in Relation to the Law and the Gospel

4. Concerning the Distinction Between the Relationship of God to the National Israel of the Past, and the Spiritual Israel of the Present Dispensation

FIFTH PART: Brief Thoughts and Counsels, with Special Portions of Scripture for the Spiritual Life in the Daily Path

First Division: Consisting of 31 Daily Meditations

Second Division: Consisting of 31 Daily Meditations

Third Division: Consisting of 31 Daily Meditations




C.H. SPURGEON'S SWORD & THE TROWEL had this to say about this long-buried gem first published in 1882: "These are no ordinary religious 'snatches,' in the form of daily portions for believers. The author's vessel does not hug the coast of ordinary experience, but launches out into the deep waters of confident trust, assured faith, and intense consecration. Every paragraph tells of an experimental fellowship with Jesus and a closeness of intercourse which fit it for becoming the guide and adviser of others. Certainly there is here no milk for babes, but strong meat for those who are of full age."

FOOTSTEPS OF TRUTH had the following glowing words for this book: "This is a choice volume, by no ordinary scribe; a delightful combination of the good old Puritan Doctrine and advanced spiritual instruction, such as could be given only by one deeply imbued with the unction of the Holy One, resulting from a comprehensive grasp of Scripture teaching, extending over the wide field of doctrine and practice, and bearing upon the INNER and OUTER life of the children of God. The Index on the opening pages (see below) awakens an appetite which is fully supplied in the rich fare throughout the book; and it seems to us impossible that any believer can rise from its perusal without a deeper sense of his indebtedness to God for the riches of grace he is here so sweetly reminded of as being provided for all his necessities in relation to life, conflict and final victory. This is truly a book for the times, and we give it our strongest commendation, hoping that the entire edition may be speedily exhausted."