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Communion with God: A Guide to the Devotional Spirit

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In this reprint, Communion with God: A Guide to the Devotional Spirit, Philip underscores the importance of appreciating and utilizing the believer’s gracious access to God; he aims to cultivate a devotional spirit among the people of God so that their joy may be full. He brings tender encouragement to the faint of heart, yet assures the presumptuous that holiness is essential to true fellowship with God. Whether you are seeking to lay hold of God’s promises, struggling with assurance, enduring trials, lacking zeal, or simply desiring further encouragement in your prayer life, reading Philip’s Communion with God prayerfully will be a blessing to your soul and a sure “guide to the devotional spirit.”

Table of Contents:

1. Access to God

2. The Promises of God to the Prayerful the Real Answers to Prayer

3. The Affinity of Fervent Prayer and Saving Faith

4. Prayer, Proof of the Work and Witness of the Holy Spirit

5. The Actual Presence and Help of the Spirit in Prayer

6. Walking in "the Light," Essential to Fellowship with God

7. A Devotional Spirit Essential to the Enjoyment of the Promises

8. Devotional Preparation for the Sanctuary

9. The Influence of Prayer Upon Peace of Mind Upon the Trials of Life

10. The Savior's Devotional Spirit

11. Communion with God in Affliction

12. Sacramental Communion with God and the Lamb


Robert Philip (1791-1858) was born in Huntly in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He became a minister for Newbington Chapel in Liverpool in 1815, serving them for ten years. In 1826, he took up the pastorate at the Maberly Chapel in London, where he ministered faithfully until 1855. He wrote a number of experiential manuals and biographical tributes, which circulated in both Britain and the United States.