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Christ of the Consummation: The Testimony of the Gospels Vol 1 (Robertson)

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At the moment when Jesus entered the realm of redemptive history, God’s people and the hurting world needed no further promises or prophecies. The one thing they lacked was fulfillment—they needed the promised Messiah and his consummate kingdom to come

Noted theologian O. Palmer Robertson’s three-volume The Christ of the Consummation explores progressive revelation across the redemptive history of the New Testament. The first volume,The Testimony of the Four Gospels, emphasizes the eyewitness character of the four men who attest to the supernatural in-breaking of the Christ. In the rich tapestry of the Gospels, we see Christ overcome the powers of Satan, gradually unveil his identity by words and works, call and commission disciples, die on the cross, be raised, and ascend to heaven. By each witnessing distinctive aspects of the coming of the King and the establishment of his kingdom, the gospel writers boldly describe a new phase in redemptive revelation.

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O. Palmer Robertson (ThM, ThD, Union Theological Seminary, Virginia) is the founder of Consummation Ministries. Previously, he was director and principal of African Bible University in Uganda and taught at Reformed Theological Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary, and Knox Theological Seminary. He has also served for many years as a teaching elder in various pastoral roles.



“I like [this book] enormously. At last, a biblical theologian who simultaneously loves systematic theology and clearly sees the wisdom and insight of Vos’s approach.” —D. A. Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Emeritus

“[Robertson’s] overall structure . . . is a model for what a biblical theology of the Gospels, true to their ultimate divine author, should be.” —Richard B. Gaffin Jr., Westminster Theological Seminary, Emeritus

“Robertson continues . . . his . . . magnificent contribution to biblical theology by carefully and powerfully unpacking the Bible’s covenantal story centered in Christ. One of the most helpful books I have read on the Gospels. It is a must-read.” —Stephen J. Wellum, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Robertson extends his magisterial, decades-long biblical-theological project into the New Testament. Clear-eyed in method and rich in exegetical insight, it gathers the fruit of a lifetime of reflection on the text of the Gospels.” —Guy Prentiss Waters, Reformed Theological Seminary

“While we have always known Dr. Robertson to be a whole-Bible theologian, it is impossible not to be in awe of the fact that . . . he now offers us [this book]. . . . It is a remarkable achievement, fitly crowning a life of deep devotion to Christ, the Scriptures, the church, and his students—and all soli Deo gloria.” —Sinclair B. Ferguson, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Robertson presents Jesus with historical savvy, exegetical skill, and theological depth. . . . This volume breaks new ground conceptually and models creative exposition of the Gospels’ details as well as their overarching sweep. It gloriously succeeds in pioneering a fresh redemptive-historical presentation of the diverse yet unified four-Gospel witness.” —Robert W. Yarbrough, Covenant Theological Seminary

“Robertson is a gift to the church, and few possess such biblical-theological acumen wedded to a heart to serve Christ. This volume skillfully traces the climax of God’s dealings with his people and creation. It remains accessible to laypeople, yet satisfies the appetite of seasoned pastors and teachers.” —Benjamin L. Gladd, Reformed Theological Seminary

“This book is the perfect companion to expository preachers and teachers of the Gospels, as well as every other student of the Bible who desires to grow in both knowledge and devotion to Christ.” —Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary