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The Christ of the Prophets (Abridged Edition) (Robertson)

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In this abridged version of The Christ of the Prophets, O. Palmer Robertson captures the passion and purpose of their extraordinary writings.

After examining the origins of prophetism, the prophets' call, and their proclamation and application of law and covenant, Robertson devotes special attention to the biblical-theological significance of the exile. Viewing that phenomenon through the lens of several prophets, he draws our focus to the glorious restoration of God's people in Christ. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. The Origin of Prophetism in Israel
  2. Prominent Aspects of Prophetism
  3. The Call and Commission of God’s Prophets
  4. Prophets True and False
  5. Covenant and Law in the Proclamation of the Prophets
  6. Prophetic Application of Law
  7. Prophetic Application of Covenants
  8. The Biblical-Theological Setting of Israel’s Prophets
  9. Prophets Anticipating Exile: Earlier Eighth Century
  10. Prophets Anticipating Exile: Later Eighth Century
  11. Prophets Anticipating Exile: Seventh Century
  12. Prophets Anticipating Exile: Ezekiel
  13. Prophets Anticipating Exile: Daniel
  14. Prophets Anticipating Exile: Haggai and Zachariah
  15. Old Covenant Prophetism’s Final Word: Malachi
  16. The Prophets and the Peoples
  17. Predictive Peaks of Israel’s Prophetic Movement



"As we have come to expect from him, O. Palmer Robertson has given us an exceptional study of Old Testament prophecy. In a day when the church is victimized by speculative interpretations of prophecy, he has provided a solid, sober, refreshingly reliable resource for understanding this part of the Bible. Laypeople, pastors, and scholars will find this book essential for the study of prophecy." -- Richard L. Pratt, Jr.

"Robertson's sure touch, exegetical thoroughness, theological sensitivity, and rigorous scholarship combine to produce works of lasting value. This is another tour de force. He opens a window on the Old Testament prophets that sheds more than just light; it radiates a passion for their study and proclamation. An essential tool for every student of Scripture who desires a robust biblical theology." -- Derek W. H. Thomas

"An unparalleled introduction to the prophetic writings: sober in its erudition, comprehensiveness, and sound judgment; spiritual in its sound theology that elevates the reader to praising God; and simple in its clarity of style." -- Bruce Waltke