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Brothers, Stand Firm!: Seven Things Every Man Should Know, Practice, and Invest in the Next Generation (Bateman)

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Wipf and Stock Publishers
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There are pivotal moments in history when the trajectory of marriages, families, businesses, movements, and nations could go one way or another, producing very different outcomes. This is such a moment for the church in America.

The need of our generation is the same as every other: a disciplined army of credible men who know, practice, and invest seven things in the next generation. This book is designed to help men get started in this most important adventure of their lives.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Brothers, Stand Firm

1. Are We Losing This Generation?

2. Where at the Men?

3. A Credible Man

The 1st Thing: How to Glorify God – The Purpose

4. Eighteen Years is Shorter Than You Think

5. The Mission of a Christian Man

The 2nd Thing: How to Listen to God – The Bible

6. A Big, Strange, Wonderful, Difficult Book

7. Listening to the Texting God

8. Sharpening Your Listening Skills

The 3rd Thing: How to Think About God – The Creed

9. Do We Still Need the Creed?

10. I Believe

11. The Logic of God

The 4th Thing: How to Please God – The Law

12. Diets, Days, Dress, and Despair

13. The Big Ten

14. An Abuser’s Guide to the Law

15. From Despair to Delight

The 5th Thing: How to Be Reconciled to God – The Gospel

16. Why Jesus Came

17. What is the Gospel

18. Ad Fontes!

19. The Great Exchange

The 6th  Thing: How to Talk to God – The Prayer

20. Every Man Needs A Father

21. Three Things God Seeks

22. Three Things Men Worry About

The 7th Thing: How to Serve God – The Church

23. The Fallacy of Churchless Christianity

24. Why the Church is Full of Hypocrites

Conclusion: The Courage of this Generation


Steve Bateman has studied at Columbia International University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Reformed Theological Seminary. He is the author of Which 'Real' Jesus?: Jonathan Edwards, Benjamin Franklin, and the Early American Roots of the Current Debate (Wipf & Stock, 2008). He is the Senior Pastor of First Bible Church, a multi-site church meeting in Decatur and Madison, AL.


"Young people are leaving the church in droves. Now, more than ever, the church needs men--husbands and fathers--marked by competence, character and compassion. This book is a welcome and refreshing roadmap for every man who wants to make a difference in a young person's world but does not know where to start." -- Josh McDowell, Christian Apologist and Author

"Steve Bateman has written a book for men, but it's really a book for anybody who wants to follow Jesus. Steve has clearly and winsomely addressed the key issues that affect our intimacy with Christ and our usefulness in the world. I'm going to ask our whole church to read it."  -- Sandy Wilson, Senior Pastor, Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis and Council Member of The Gospel Coalition

"This is a book about what men should know, but I urge women to read it so you can be a strong and steady support to the men in your home and church as they seek to stand firm for the gospel in a crumbling culture." -- Susan Hunt, Author, Speaker, former Director of Women's Ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America

"This is a book for the thinking man who wants to make an impact on the next generation. It will challenge you to evaluate what you believe and why you believe it. It caused me to examine what I was imparting to the next generation. It will do the same for you!" -- Phil Waldrep, Southern Baptist Minister, Founder of Gridiron Men's Conference