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Grace to Stand Firm, Grace to Grow (Ruvolo)

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How do we strengthen our witness for Christ? Peter's perspective on grace helped first-century Christians live out their high calling, even amid Satan’s attacks. In thirteen lessons, Carol Ruvolo teaches us how this perspective can do the same for twenty-first century Christians.

Part 1: Grace to Stand
Lesson 1: The Hope of Salvation

Lesson 2: The Joy of Divine Testing
Lesson 3: The Shift from Doctrine to Practice
Lesson 4: The Attractiveness of God’s People
Lesson 5: The Appeal of Free Submission (1)
Lesson 6: The Appeal of Free Submission (2)
Lesson 7: The Power of a Humble Witness
Lesson 8: The Cure for Short-Timer Syndrome
Lesson 9: The Team Concept of Humble Servants

Part 2: Grace to Grow
Lesson 10: The Key Weapon in the War on God’s Word

Lesson 11: The Reminder of Scripture’s Authority
Lesson 12: The Danger of Twisted Teaching
Lesson 13: The Certainty of God’s Promises



Carol J. Ruvolo (BS, MBA, University of New Mexico) has taken graduate-level courses at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and several courses from Ligonier Ministries of Canada’s School of Theology. She has been teaching the Bible since 1983 and writing books on biblical themes since 1998. A longtime resident of Albuquerque, she now speaks at women’s conferences and retreats around the country.



"Exceptional . . . clear and inviting. Peter’s robust faith in the face of persecution shines through these pages. The exercises will help to shape the conscientious reader into the image of Christ." — Kris Lundgaard

"Carol Ruvolo’s studies on 1–2 Peter may read easy, but they run deep. If you desire to raise your level of trust and commitment in Christ, you will find these studies to be theologically sound, powerful, and practical." — Joni Eareckson Tada

"If you’re tired of cotton-candy Bible studies, this book will nourish your soul. Who says women can’t do or don’t love theology?" — Elyse Fitzpatrick