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Bible Truth Explored: Searching the Scriptures with the Shorter Catechism (Macleod)

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Reformation Scotland

We need an accurate summary of Bible Truth.

Why are we here? What is truth? What happens when we die? There are many vital questions which need clear and satisfying answers.

Bible Truth is the only sure foundation for what we must believe and how we must live. Yet there is so much to learn about God and ourselves from the Bible that we need an accurate summary. Just like a map or guide is essential in exploring a large country, this new simple tool is designed as a guide for all ages to help explore these key truths.

Based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, one of the most used and best loved ways of teaching Bible Truth, this book helps us to see how Bible truths fit together, relate to and depend on each other. The questions and points for reflection provided make it well suited for group, family and individual study. While it is important for Christians of all ages to grow in our knowledge of these things, we also need to live and love them. True freedom is in believing and living in accordance with God’s will.

"Bible Truth Explored began as a series of articles in the Explorer Magazine, a monthly magazine for young people published by the Free Church of Scotland. These articles have been significantly revised and edited to form the chapters of this book. I am deeply grateful to those who have contributed so much to reshaping and editing the content, particularly Catherine Hyde together with Matthew and Janet Vogan. This book is now sent out to a wider public with the prayer that the Lord would be pleased to use it for his own glory." - Preface


Table of Contents: 

Introduction: Questions 1-3

God and His work: Questions 4-8

Creation: Questions 9-11

The fall: Question 12-19

The Redeemer: Questions 20-28

Salvation: Questions 29-41

The Ten Commandments: Questions 42-82

The way of Salvation: Questions 83-87

The means of grace: Questions 88-98

The Lord's prayer: Questions 99-107