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Atonement (Fluhrer)

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The doctrine of atonement is under debate. Evangelical publishing houses are releasing books that purport to change our understanding of this central Christian doctrine; church leaders are asking for the emphasis to change away from Christ as sin-bearer to Christ as exemplar of God's love (as if they need to be mutually exclusive?). What have some of the churches' best-known theologians and pastors to say on the matter? Published in conjunction with the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, this is a collecting of outstanding presentations on the Atonement from recent PCRT meetings, together they make a strong case for the Reformed view of Atonement, but this book doesn't just discuss points of theology; it also shows the implications of that theology and how to communicate it - brilliant!


J.I. Packer - The Necessity of the Atonement

John R. DeWitt - The Nature of Atonement: Reconciliation

James M. Boice - The Nature of Atonement: Propitiation

John R. Gerstner - The Atonement and the Purpose of God

R.C. Sproul - Sacrifice and Satisfaction

James M. Boice - The Language of the Marketplace

Sinclair Ferguson - Christ, the Sin-Bearer

Alistair Begg - Preaching the Cross



Gabriel N.E. Fluhrer is the assistant pastor to youth and families at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina.

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