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Opening Up Zechariah (Ellsworth)

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The Jewish people had been called by God to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem after their years of captivity in Babylon. After starting well, they laid the work aside. But then they heard a voice that emphasized the sufficiency of God for his people. That voice, belonging to Zechariah, was never more encouraging and stimulating than when it proclaimed the coming Christ and the glories awaiting those who trust him.

Zechariah’s prophecy still speaks today with power to those who are deeply discouraged and sorely distressed. Its message of Christ medicates every ill and lifts every heart.



ROGER ELLSWORTH is currently the pastor of Parkview Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee. Roger Ellsworth has served as pastor of churches in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. He is currently living in Jackson, TN, and is serving as Pastor of Parkview Baptist Church. Ellsworth is the author of 47 books. 



"Roger Ellsworth’s books are always clearly written and interesting to read, ‘Opening up Zechariah’ is no exception. We ought to read Zechariah because this ‘prophecy includes more promises of Messiah than any other book except Isaiah’. Ellsworth explains how prophecy can relate to current or future events but ultimately directs us to Jesus Christ. Ellsworth’s focus is not on divisive prophetic speculation (eg the Millennium and Armageddon) but on Christ. I’ve enjoyed reading this book, especially the chapter on the fountain of Christ’s blood opened for sin." - Stan K Evers, pastor of Potton Baptist Church, Bedfordshire, UK, and editor of Grace Magazine