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Opening Up James (Ellsworth)

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Is there any useless religion around today? Do we see evidence of people merely going through the motions of religion, professing faith in Christ without any evidence of it showing up in their lives? If so, these are indications that we need the epistle of James today. Written by the half-brother of Jesus, this letter helps us attack stale, humdrum, useless religion.

Among the many practical issues that James deals with are: suffering, 'the gap' between hearing and doing, controlling the tongue, and resisting the world. Roger Ellsworth's studies in this letter draw out the challenges for us as believers in the 21st century - here are lessons we badly need to hear today.


Table of Contents: 

1. Comfort in suffering (1:1-4)

2. Wisdom in trials (1:5-8)

3. The high low, the low high and the high high (1:9-12)

4. From trials to temptations (1:13-18)

5. The goodness of God (1:16-18)

6. Appropriating the Word of God (1:19-21)

7. Applying the Word of God (1:22-25)

8. Three marks of true faith (1:26-27)

9. Two visitors in church (2:1-7)

10. The folly of favoritism (2:8-13)

11. The danger of dead faith (2:14-19)

12. Proving faith by works (2:20-26)

13. Three notes (3:1-2)

14. Three notes (3:1-2)

15. Who is driving your car? (3:13-18)

16. The ‘ness’ mess (4:1-6)

17. The cure for worldliness (4:7-10)

18. When nobodies act like somebodies (4:11-17)

19. Misused money (5:1-6)

20. Some good reasons for a good thing (5:7-12)

21. What to do with… (5:13-18)

22. Winning the wanderer (5:19-20)



ROGER ELLSWORTH is currently the pastor of Parkview Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee. Roger Ellsworth has served as pastor of churches in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. He is currently living in Jackson, TN, and is serving as Pastor of Parkview Baptist Church. Ellsworth is the author of 47 books.