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Your Future 'Other Half': It Matters Whom You Marry (VanDoodewaard)

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Christian Focus Publications
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Rebecca Vandoodewaard of The Christian Pundit blogsite gives Biblical advice for women who are in a relationship, who wish to be in a relationship, or who struggle in an imperfect marriage by addressing the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and relational effects of intimacy and answering questions for the single or married such as: Where does love fit in? and, How do I fit in? 

Table of Contents: 

  1. How to use this book
  2. Marriage will impact you spiritually
  3. Marriage will impact you emotionally
  4. Marriage will impact you mentally
  5. Marriage will impact you physically
  6. Marriage will impact you relationally
  7. What about love?
  8. What about you?



Rebecca VanDoodewaard is a freelance editor. Her husband William VanDoodewaard is ordained in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 



"Finally, a book for the woman wondering if she has found the right man for a life-long commitment... This book is a must read for any woman thinking about marriage, in a marriage now, or helping others towards a life-long biblical romance that echoes the love of Christ for His Bride and her joyous "Yes!" to Him. Buy it! Read it! Use it! I know I will." - Jani Ortlund ~ Author of 'Fearlessly Feminine' and other books, speaker, wife of Ray Ortlund, Executive Vice President, Renewal Ministries, Franklin, Tennessee

"With kindness and truth woven together, she unpacks the long-term mental, emotional, physical and spiritual impact of marriage. This book is a valuable and much needed resource for women." - Melissa B. Kruger ~ Author, The Envy of Eve

"If you are a single woman, this may be the most important book you read this year... Heed the warnings in this book, be fortified by its encouragements, and give an ear to its sound biblical advice. As a pastor in a university church, I would place this book in the hands of every single young woman I could. And as a father, this is a book that I will ask my daughter to prayerfully read from cover to cover." - Jason Helopoulos ~ Assistant pastor, University Reformed Church, East Lansing, Michigan