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With All Your Heart: Orienting Your Mind, Desires, and Will toward Christ (Troxel)

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In our world, we use the word heart to refer to our emotions. But the Bible uses the word heart to refer to the governing center of life. We need to grasp the true meaning of the heart in order to better understand ourselves, our sin, and our need for redemption. As we rediscover the heart as the source of all our thoughts, fears, words, and actions, we will discover principles and practices for orienting our hearts to truly love and obey God with all that we are.


A. Craig Troxel (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is professor of practical theology at Westminster Seminary California. He previously served as pastor of Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Wheaton, IL and Calvary Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Glenside, PA.


“Who am I? What is wrong with me? How can I overcome it? These questions all draw our attention to the heart. Craig Troxel carefully studies what God’s word teaches about the heart and discovers surprising answers that lead us to real solutions. He shows us how to become self-aware without being self-absorbed, authentic yet dependent on the Lord Jesus Christ, who reigns over our hearts.”

Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Craig Troxel’s With All Your Heart represents the mature fruit of a gifted intellect combined with tested and tried spiritual wisdom, both of which have been well honed by decades of pastoral experience. Every reader will benefit from its comprehensively biblical foundations, its spiritual insights, and its challenging as well as mind-clarifying expositions—all packaged in a way that is eminently readable. Asking the question 'How many books have I read on the heart?' (and probably answering it with 'Very few' or 'None at all') underlines both the importance of these pages and the extent to which we may have marginalized something the Bible sees as central. Here is a book to be welcomed enthusiastically, to be read carefully, and to be returned to frequently as a significant resource for Christian thinking and living.”

Sinclair B. Ferguson, Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary; Teaching Fellow, Ligonier Ministries

“Protestant theology often falls into one of two categories—an emphasis on doctrine that tends to overlook the concomitant experience, which thereby risks being vulnerable to the oxymoronic accusation of ‘dead’ orthodoxy, or an emphasis on experience, which downplays doctrine and risks being vulnerable to the accusation of being nothing more than subjective ‘enthusiasm.’ And if many of us are honest, we struggle to know how to balance our teaching and thinking to avoid these pitfalls. That is why this book is so welcome: drawing on many years of pastoral experience and demonstrating both the passion for truth and the passion for the Christian life that has always characterized the best Christian teachers, Craig Troxel presents a delightful account of the Christian faith from the perspective of the Christian heart. This is a book that teaches both by precept and example.”

Carl R. Trueman, Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Grove City College

“So much depends on a clear, scriptural understanding of ourselves, and Troxel—a pastor and instructor of pastors—has given us just that.”

Ed Welch, Counselor and Faculty Member, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation