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EBOOK Wisdom for Life: 52 Old Testament Meditations (Barrett) - EBOOK

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Some Christians find the Old Testament intimidating and irrelevant today because we are under a new and better covenant. In this book, Michael P. V. Barrett demonstrates how vitally important the Old Testament is. Instead of giving a systematic apology for the Old Testament, Barrett simply serves up fifty-two meditations on various passages, allowing us to taste and see how good the Old Testament is in light of Christ’s coming. You will learn how the Old Testament shows us God’s concern for true and spiritual worship, teaches us lessons in the life of faith, and reveals to us the glory of our Redeemer. A real feast for the soul!

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Table of Contents:

1 Out of the Curse Comes Grace

2 Lessons in Saving Faith from Abraham 

3 Lessons in the Life of Faith from Abraham

4 Lessons from Passover

5 God’s Way of Worship

6 God’s Presence in Worship

7 God’s Order in Worship

8 God’s Pictures of Worship

9 Dressed for Work

10 Two Fiery Sermons

11 The Heart of True Religion

12 Manasseh, the Real-Life Prodigal

13 A Paradigm for Worship

14 Focus of Worship

15 Formula for Worship

16 A Handbook and Hymnbook for Worship

17 Christ of Saving Faith

18 A Psalm for Christmas

19 Christ the Resolute Servant

20 An Easter Psalm

21 Divine Visitation

22 The Wonder of God’s Word

23 Christ the Suffering and Successful Savior

24 A Theology of Trouble

25 How Faith Looks at Life

26 Formula for Security

27 Christ the King and Priest

28 The Birth of Immanuel

29 The Kingship of Immanuel

30 The Work of Immanuel

31 Praise for Christ’s Birth

32 The Identity and Work of the Servant

33 The Servant as the Ideal Prophet

34 The Suffering Servant

35 Keeping the Sabbath

36 Good News

37 A Warning from Jeremiah

38 Efficacious Grace

39 Dry Bones: From Death to Life

40 A Warning from Ezekiel

41 A Story of Courage

42 A Story of Conversion

43 A Story of Condemnation

44 The Requirements of True Religion

45 The Song of Majesty

46 The God of Then Is the God of Now

47 A Picture Worth a Soul

48 The Triumphal Entry of Christ

49 What’s in a Name?

50 The Branch

51 Zechariah’s Revelation of Christ

52 The Sacrifice of the Shepherd



Michael P. V. Barrett is vice president for academic affairs, academic dean, and professor of Old Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



“Michael Barrett has once again provided the church with an outstanding resource to help believers read the Old Testament for what it is—Christian Scripture. In fifty-two brief chapters, he surveys the revelation of the gospel from the first promise of a Redeemer in Genesis 3 to the proclamation of Messiah’s glory by the prophets. These pages provide the reader with theology that is both biblical and accessible. Discover in these pages the witness of the Old Testament to Jesus Christ, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption. Discover here wisdom for life!” — Rhett P. Dodson, senior pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church, Hudson, Ohio