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William Grimshaw Of Haworth (Cook)

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Faith Cook has drawn on unpublished and little-known sources to produce this comprehensive new biography.

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Table of Contents:  

Introduction: Haworth – Now and Then
1 ‘Sober and Diligent’ 1
2 An Ungodly Cleric 9
3 The Pardoning Love of God 18
4 Harbingers of Blessing in Yorkshire 1734-1742 32
5 Haworth – A Barren Wilderness 45
6 Showers on Dry Ground 57
7 Full Assurance 68
8 Haworth – A Garden of the Lord 78
9 ‘Strains of Tremendous Eloquence’ 88
10 The Care of Souls 99
11 A Bona Fide Methodist 110
12 Not Counting the Cost 123
13 Anecdotes from Haworth Days 138
14 Days of the Son of Man 149
15 ‘The Great Haworth Round’ 161
16 Every Moment to God’s Glory 177
17 Years of Consolidation 188
18 Grimshaw’s Unpublished Writings 200
19 The Unresolved Tension: Church or Dissent 215
20 When Good Men Differ 229
21 Friends and Fellow Workers 245
22 ‘What Has God Wrought!’ 263
23 ‘For to Me to Live is Christ’ 274
24 ‘  and to Die is Gain’ 284
1 Grimshaw’s Letters 299
2 Grimshaw’s Covenant 309
3 Grimshaw’s Creed 314



Faith Cook, daughter of Stanley and Norah Rowe, missionaries of the China Inland Mission (now OMF), was born in north-west China. After missionaries were evicted from the country in 1951, she returned to the UK and attended Clarendon School in North Wales before proceeding to teacher training college in Bromley, Kent. She married Paul Cook in 1961, and they served several evangelical churches in the Midlands and Yorkshire before his retirement. They have a daughter, four sons and ten grandchildren, and now live in Breaston, Derbyshire.

Contemporary Comments on William Grimshaw of Haworth 

"Perhaps this century has not produced another who could say with more justice and propriety to his hearers (if his great humility would have permitted him). 'be ye followers of me, as I am of Christ'." — JOHN NEWTON

"A few such as him would make a nation tremble. He carries fire wherever he goes." — JOHN WESLEY


"Grimshaw’s unflagging energy and vigorous defense of the faith was matched by a charitable spirit that was a model of true Christlikeness . . . a surprising measure of what he said and wrote is germane to the times in which we live. This is a welcome addition to the rich treasure trove already available from the Banner of Truth. It is also a classic example of what a good biography ought to be." — JOHN MACARTHUR

"A biography that I hold dear because it is a challenge to my wimpishness, something this Canadian Christian historian deeply laments. Grimshaw was a true radical." — MICHAEL HAYKIN

"Atmosphere, action, great character: it’s Wuthering Heights meets Whitfield-Wesley revival." — MIKE REEVES