Truth for All Time: A Brief Outline of the Christian Faith - Gift Edition (Calvin)

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This book is a little gem!…It would be hard to find a clearer summary of the faith in so short a compass, and perhaps impossible to find one so warm…Well worth the read! — EVANGELICALS NOW

John Calvin knew that if the biblical truths rediscovered at the Reformation were to spread throughout the world, they would have to be presented in a form that ordinary people could understand. So, during the winter of 1536-37, the 29-year old Calvin wrote, in French, his Brief Outline of the Christian Faith.This is Calvin’s striking but concise attempt to define the Christian Faith for ordinary people! Here you have the very core of Protestant belief and feel the warmth of its ardent love for God and men.’ — From the preface by Stuart Olyott


Table of Contents:

  1. Knowing God and knowing ourselves
  2. The Law of the Lord
  3. Faith
  4. Prayer
  5. The Sacraments
  6. Order in Church and State



John Calvin (1509-1564) was a theological giant of the Protestant Reformation. A contemporary of Martin Luther, he had as much influence over this period of history as his German counterpart. In 1536 he published his famous Institutes of the Christian Religion, which was a systematic presentation of the Protestant position. His writings are still cherished and relevant today.