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The Works of John Knox, 6 Volume Set

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Unfortunately for many years hardback sets of Knox’s Works have been virtually unobtainable by, and inaccessible to, the general public. Now, to mark the 500th anniversary of his birth (probably in 1514) and the 150th anniversary of the completion of the first definitive edition of the Scottish reformer’s Works (1846-64), these rare volumes have been reprinted. The present republication of the reformer’s writings provides a unique and remarkably affordable opportunity for a new generation of students to rediscover and get to know the real John Knox.

While these volumes will be invaluable for students, their message deserves a much wider readership. At a time when many are concerned how Christian influence is to be revived in the ‘post-Christian’ West, Knox tells the story of events set in what were, in many ways, days darker than our own. He both records and illustrates what he saw as the ultimate key: ‘God gave his Holy Spirit to simple men in great abundance.’

The production of this six-volume set has been designed to last into the next century. It represents an important contribution to both a more accurate view of Knox and at the same time carries its own message for those who may be perplexed about both the contemporary condition and the future prospects of the church today.

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Table of Contents:

Volume I 

Chronological Notes of the Chief Events in the Life of John Knox History of the Reformation in Scotland 

Book First, 1494–1558 

Book Second, 1558–1559 


Volume II

History of the Reformation in Scotland

Book Third, 1559-1561 

The Confession of Faith, 1560

The Buke of Discipline, 1560 

Book Fourth, 1561–1564 

Book Fifth, 1564–1567 

Appendix, Glossary, Indexes of Persons & Places 

Volume III 

An Epistle to the Congregation of the Castle of St. Andrews, with a Brief Summary of Balnaves on Justification by Faith, 1548 

A Vindication of the Doctrine that the Sacrifice of the Mass Is Idolatry, 1550 

A Summary, According to the Holy Scriptures, of the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, 1550 

A Declaration of the True Nature and Object of Prayer, 1553 

A Confession or Prayer on the Death of Edward VI 

An Exposition upon the Sixth Psalm of David, Addressed to Mrs Bowes, 1554 (A Fort for the Afflicted)

A Godly Letter of Warning, or Admonition to the Faithful in London, Newcastle, and Berwick, 1554 

Certain Questions concerning Obedience to the Lawful Magistrates, with Answers by Henry Bullinger, 1554 

Two Comfortable Epistles to His Afflicted Brethren in England, 1554 

A Faithful Admonition to the Professors of God’s Truth in England, 1554

Epistles to Mrs Elizabeth Bowes, and her Daughter Marjory, 1553–1554


Biographical Notices and Letters of Henry Balnaves of Halhill 

A Treatise by Balnaves on Justification by Faith, revised by Knox in 1548

Volume IV

A Narrative of the Proceedings and Troubles of the English Congregation at Frankfurt on the Maine, 1554–1555 

Appendix: Extracts of Letters relating to Knox and the English Congregation at Frankfurt 

A Letter to the Queen Dowager, Regent of Scotland, 1556 

An Exposition upon Matthew IV, concerning the Temptation of Christ in the Wilderness, 1556 

Answers to Some Questions concerning Baptism, etc., 1556

A Letter of Wholesome Counsel, Addressed to His Brethren in Scotland, 1556

The Form of Prayers and Ministration of the Sacraments, etc., Used in the English Congregation at Geneva, 1556 

Familiar Epistles, 1555–1558 

Letters to His Brethren, and the Lords Professing the Truth in Scotland, 1557 

An Apology for the Protestants who Are Holden in Prison at Paris: Translated from the French; with Additions, 1557 

The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women, 1558 

A Letter to the Queen Dowager, Regent of Scotland: Augmented and Explained by the Author, 1558 

The Appellation from the Sentence Pronounced by the Bishops and Clergy: Addressed to the Nobility and Estates of Scotland, 1558 

A Letter Addressed to the Commonalty of Scotland, 1558 

Summary of the Proposed Second Blast of the Trumpet  

Volume V

A Letter to John Foxe, 1558 

On Predestination, in Answer to the Cavillations by an Anabaptist, 1560 

An Epistle to the Inhabitants of Newcastle and Berwick, 1558 

A Brief Exhortation to England for the Speedy Embracing of the Gospel, 1559 

The Names of the Martyrs in England, 1559 

Volume VI 

Letters Chiefly Relating to the Progress of the Reformation in Scotland, 1559–1562 The Reasoning betwixt the Abbot of Crossraguell and John Knox Concerning the Mass, 1562 

A Sermon on Isaiah XXVI. 13-21, Preached in St. Giles’s Church, Edinburgh, 19th August 1565

The Book of Common Order: or the Form of Prayers, and Ministration of the Sacraments, etc., Approved and Received by the Church of Scotland, 1564 

Psalmes of David in English Meter, Edinburgh, 1565 (Psalms XXIII, XXIV, LVII, C, CXXIIII, CXLV,) 

Prayers, etc., Subjoyned to Calvin’s Catechisme, Edinburgh, 1564Additional Prayers, etc., not Contained in the Edinburgh Volume of 1564–65 

The Order of the General Fast, and the Form of Excommunication Approved by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 1566–1569 

The Order of Excommunication and of Public Repentance, 1569 

An Answer to a Letter Written by James Tyrie, a Scottish Jesuit, 1572 

Letters, etc., During the Later Period of Knox’s Life, 1563–1572

Appendix: Additional Notes and Corrections 

Index of Names for vols. III, IV, V, and VI 

Index of Places for vols. III, IV, V, and VI 

General Index