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The True Bounds of Christian Freedom - Puritan Paperbacks (Bolton)

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Samuel Bolton expounds the nature of Christian liberty and then clearly sets the bounds of that liberty in answer to the following six questions: 

  • Does our being made free by Christ free us from the law?
  • Does our being made free by Christ deliver us from all punishments or chastisements for sin?
  • Is it consistent with Christian freedom to be under obligation to perform duties because God has commanded them?
  • May Christ's freemen come into bondage again through sin?
  • Is it consistent with Christian freedom to perform duties out of respect for the recompense of the reward?
  • Does the freedom of a Christian free him from all obedience to men? 

"The True Bounds of Christian Freedom" is a clear, scriptural exposition of the place of the law in the life of the Christian. One of the few works currently available which show the danger of Antinomianism, while also avoiding legalism.  

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Table of Contents: 

  1. True Christian Freedom
  2. The Moral Law a Rule of Obedience
  3. Law and Grace
  4. Chastisements for Sin
  5. Performance of Duty
  6. Partial Bondage
  7. Obedience for the Sake of Reward
  8. Obedience to Men
  9. The Application to Believers and Unbelievers


Born in London in 1606, Samuel Bolton became a scholar and member of the Westminster Assembly. He was educated at Manchester School and Christ’s College, Cambridge (BA 1629; MA 1632). He ministered successively in three London parishes before becoming Master of Christ’s College in 1654, and later served as Vice-Chancellor of the University. He died in October 1654, after a long illness.