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The Religious Tradesman

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The Religious Tradesman; or Plain and Serious Hints of Advice for the Tradesman's Prudent and Pious Conduct; from His Entrance into Business, to His Leaving it Off


The Reverend Mr. Richard Steele, a worthy Minister, published a treatise entitled, The Tradesman's Calling, a book admirably fitted by its proper representation of the Tradesman's duties, and the close and warm enforcement of them upon the conscience, from the arguments of scripture and reason, to do excellent service (under the blessing of God) to the shop and to the world.

This piece is now very little known; the chief reason of which may possibly be, that its noble matter lies under the disadvantage of an ancient name, and an ancient dress; to relieve which objection, and, if it please God, to do a kindness to the trading world, by setting before them their duty and interest, and thereby preventing those present and future miseries, which negligence, injustice, and irreligion, bring upon mankind; a person into whose hands it fell, from a strong persuasion of its admirable tendency to these ends, determined, after several alterations had been made, to send it abroad afresh into the world. - Isaac Watts 


Table of Contents: 

  1. The nature of a life of business, and obligation to it 
  2. Of choosing a calling 
  3. Of prudence and discretion
  4. Of diligence
  5. Of justice
  6. Of truth
  7. Of contentment
  8. Of religion
  9. Of leaving our callings