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The Psalms of David in Metre - Pocket Edition

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Trinitarian Bible Society
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The pocket-size, vinyl-covered hardback Psalms in metre designed for singing. This is the standard 1650 version approved by the Church of Scotland. A large print edition (MP) and a medium print edition (MPM) and Bibles with Metrical Psalms in the back (PS) are also available.

Page Size: 4.7" x 3"
Thickness: 0.4"
Print Size: 8.5 point


Often referred to as "The Scottish Psalter of 1650" because the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland approved the text of this Psalter for use by the church in 1650. Sometimes, as is our practice on this site, the name is shortened to just "The Scottish Psalter." This Psalter has been in continuous use since its initial publication, and has remained unaltered, except for some modernized spelling, from its original wording during all that time.

The text of the 1650 Psalter was originally the work of Francis Rous, who completed his text around 1644. But before the text was finally approved for use in the Scottish church it was subjected to six years of scrutiny and revision by two different groups of highly learned and devout leaders of the church. Literally every word and phrase was carefully weighed for faithfulness to the original Hebrew texts.

The work that resulted from these revisions contained only a small part of Rouse's original text. Instead, what emerged was a composite of the work of the review committees plus lines taken from several other Psalters that were in circulation at the time.To its devotees the Scottish Psalter is the only one that is acceptable. If one's goal is the closest possible representation of the original Hebrew, then this may well be the best Psalter, even though its language and poetry sometimes seems awkward and contrived. In spite of its age and sometimes quaint wording, the Scottish Psalter still retains great power even today. If one had to use only one metrical Psalter, this one would be a good choice.