The Person of Christ: The Perfection of His Humanity Viewed as Proof of His Divinity (Schaff)

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We propose to take up the man, Jesus of Nazareth, as he appears on the simple, un­sophisticated record of the plain and honest fishermen of Galilee, and as he lives in the faith of Christendom; and we shall find him in all the stages of his life, both as a private individual and as a public character, so far elevated above the reach of successful rivalry, and so singularly perfect, that this very perfection, in the midst of an imperfect and sin­ful world, constitutes an irresistible proof of his divinity. (pg. 22) 



PHILIP SCHAFF was born and raised in Switzerland, educated in Germany, and emigrated to the United States in 1844. He died at his post as professor emeritus at Union Theological Seminary in New York City in 1893. He was respected as a preeminent church historian for much of that time.



"For years I searched for a copy of this rare and excellent meditation on the Person of Christ, having read only scattered quotes from it in various places. It was a great joy to finally purchase an 1880 edition from a bookstore in England several years ago and to read through it carefully. As a historian, Philip Schaff had an unusual ability to sum up in a few sentences the broad strokes of a man’s life and character, giving the reader a feel for the man himself. His descriptive powers were never put to better use than when he attempted to capture something of the unique glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is truly a great blessing to have this book reprinted in the twenty-first century and once again available for purchase!" - Charles Leiter