The Major Works of Herman Witsius (Witsius)

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Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man (2 volumes)

This, his magnum opus, is a reflection of some of the most fruitful and mature thinking on federal theology during the seventeenth century, and still holds a preeminent place in our own day. Reformed theology has always understand the biblical doctrine of the covenant to be the theological framework which best unifies Scripture, making it a consistent hermeneutic. In this work, Witsius, presents the reader with a fully biblical and experiential doctrine of the divine covenants; opening up their nature, stipulations, curses, and blessings.

Anyone interested in Reformed theology should read this book, for it is Reformed theology at its best.


Sacred Dissertations on the Apostles' Creed (2 volumes)

In this work Witsius exemplifies his own principle, that ‘he alone is a true Theologian, who adds the practical to the theoretical part of Religion.’ A marriage of extraordinary intellect and spiritual passion, this phrase-by-phrase exposition of the Creed seeks always to apply Scripture to life. In both tone and substance Witsius draws the reader into a deeper understanding of and love for the truths most central to the Christian faith.


Sacred Dissertations on the Lord's Prayer (1 volume)

This volume contains more than the title reveals. Prefaced to a 230-page exposition of the Lord’s Prayer, Witsius devotes six chapters to the subject of prayer in general, which he calls the pulse of the renewed soul. His exposition on the Lord’s Prayer is itself a masterpiece. In many instances, the questions grappled with receive greater scriptural and practical clarity from Witsius’ pen than from anything else written to date. Sound biblical exegesis and practical doctrinal substance, this book represents the cream of Reformed theology.



Herman Witsius (1636-1708) was Professor of Divinity in the Universities of Franeker, Utrecht, and Leyden. A brilliant and devout student, he was fluent in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew by the age of fifteen, when he entered the University of Utrecht. He was ordained at twenty-one and served in several pastorates, filling both the pulpit and the academic chair over the course of his life.



"It is works such as these that take us beyond milk to the meat of the Word. If you want to know what confessional Reformed theology and piety looks like and how we understood Scripture before Barth turned the tradition upside down there are few authors whose work will repay your investment of time and money more completely than Herman Witsius." - R.S. Clark