The Kingdom of the Cults (Martin)

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Since the first edition was published in 1965, Walter Martin's The Kingdom of the Cults has been the leading reference work on the major contemporary cult systems. With an emphasis on the currently active, proselytizing cults, The Kingdom of the Cults continues to be a crucial tool in countercult ministry and evangelism.

While remaining true to Walter Martin's original tone and text, this updated edition includes substantial new information. Relevant and accurate materials have been reintroduced from the original editions, preserving Dr. Martin's unique voice and defense of the faith.

Scholarly yet readable and engaging, The Kingdom of the Cults evaluates each cult's history and beliefs, contrasting individual teachings with true biblical theology. Readers will find apologetics help in dealing with cults not only at home but also overseas.

Table of Contents: 

  1. The Kingdom of the Cults
  2. Scaling the Language Barrier
  3. The Psychological Structure of Cultism
  4. Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
  5. Christian Science
  6. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons)
  7. Spiritism – The Cult of Antiquity
  8. The Theosophical Society (Gnosticism)
  9. Buddhism – Classical, Zen, and Nichiren Shoshu
  10. The Baha’i Faith
  11. Unitarian Universalism
  12. Scientology
  13. The Unification Church
  14. Eastern Religions
  15. The New Age Cult
  16. Islam – The Message of Muhammad
  17. The Cults on the World Mission Field
  18. The Jesus of the Cults
  19. Cult Evangelism – Mission Field on Your Doorstep
  20. The Road to Recovery

Appendix Section 

Appendix A: The Worldwide Church of God – From Cult to Christianity 

Appendix B: The Puzzle of Seventh-day Adventism 

Appendix C: Swedenborgianism 

Appendix D: Rosicrucianism