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The Kingdom of the Cults (Martin)

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Bethany House Publishers


The Leading Reference Tool on Non-Christian Religions, Now Completely Updated!

In an era of confusing religious ideas, Christians need information they can trust. And as Western culture drifts further and further from its Christian roots, there is an even greater need for awareness of the beliefs of those around us. The Kingdom of the Cults equips readers to understand the claims of numerous cults, sects, and religions--including some that masquerade as Christian denominations--contrasting those claims with biblical teaching.

This new edition, comprehensively updated by experts Jill Martin Rische and Kurt Van Gorden, builds on Dr. Martin's authoritative original text, and includes helpful information about changes and developments in belief systems around the globe in recent years.

Readable and reliable for teachers, pastors, and lay readers alike, The Kingdom of the Cults is sure to remain the go-to reference book on non-Christian religions for years to come.

Table of Contents: 

  1. The Kingdom of the Cults
  2. Scaling the Language Barrier
  3. The Psychological Structure of Cultism
  4. Jehovah’s Witnesses
  5. Christian Science
  6. Mormonism – The Latter-day Saints
  7. Spiritism – The Cult of Antiquity
  8. The Theosophical Society
  9. Buddhism – Classical and Zen
  10. The Baha’i Faith
  11. The Unity School of Christianity
  12. Armstrongism, The Worldwide Church of God, and Grace Communion International
  13. The Unification Church
  14. Scientology
  15. Eastern Religions
  16. Islam – The Message of Muhammad
  17. The Cults on the World Mission Field
  18. The Jesus of the Cults
  19. Cult Evangelism – Mission Field on Your Doorstep
  20. The Road to Recovery

Appendix Section 

Appendix A: The Puzzle of Seventh-day Adventists

Appendix B: Unitarianism

Appendix C: Rosicrucianism

Appendix D: Swedenborgianism