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The Implications of Faith (Miller)

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Do you really believe what you claim to believe?

Jesus saves. All that is required from us is faith. But what does it mean to have faith in Jesus? Is it simply to believe in him and what he has done on our behalf -or is it something more?

In The Implications of Faith, Craig Miller explores the necessary relationship between what we claim to believe and how we live our lives. Jesus has called us not just to believe, but to follow him. If we say we believe in him, but have not fully surrendered our lives to this pursuit, do we really believe? More importantly, can such a "faith" save us? By and large, we have lost sight of a biblical understanding of faith (often under the guise of "good" theology); it is of the utmost importance that we regain it. Within these pages lies the opportunity to embark upon a journey to do just that. It won't be easy. Jesus warns that the way is narrow and hard, but he also promises it will be worth it.

Do you BELIEVE him?


Craig Miller lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, Brittany, where they serve their local church in a lay capacity. He has a MATS (Master of Arts, Theological Studies) from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Craig also writes and teaches on a voluntary basis for Dead Men Ministries.