The Great Escape: 40 Faith-Building Lessons from History (Farenhorst)

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The lives of both Christians and unbelievers of the past teach us through their examples. We learn from past victories and mistakes.

These educational devotionals are based on historical people and events, with insightful questions at the end of each. They will encourage families to talk about what God has done in their lives and in the lives of Christians of years gone by.



"Poignant vignettes from history are captured in fascinating world pictures. Chapters open with Scripture that is fleshed out in the lives of historical figures. The impact is more in the story told, not in the lives lived, which point either to or away from Christ." — John Van Dyk, Christian Renewal

"As always, Christine is a remarkable storyteller, but it is the questions that make this book a must for parents. They aren't sappy and juvenileand these questions are sharply honed. Be forewarnedthey might leave you feeling a little exposed if you aren't setting your children the Christian example you should!" — Jon Dykstra, Reformed Perspective