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The Great Ejection 1662: Today's Evangelicalism Rooted in Puritan Persecution (Brady)

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Evangelical Press

Today's Evangelicalism rooted in puritan persecution.

In this carefully researched narrative Gary Brady presents with skill and insight the crucial events of 350 years ago known as the Great Ejection of 1662. 

This is all about who British Nonconformists really are and why they still need to be here today. In 1962, Dr D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in his annual lecture to the Evangelical Library in London, argued persuasively that practically all that is good in Evangelicalism finds its roots in the Puritanism that was so fiercely persecuted in the Ejection and the oppression that followed. 

Those who were ejected in 1662 suffered as they did because of their loyalty to conscience, their belief that the Reformation was a great act of God that was essential and must be continued, and their insistence that Scripture and not tradition must reign supreme. In these days of doctrinal indifference those who suf- fered through the Ejection are a tremendous example to us all, Nonconformist or not. 

Read this account and you will be both historically informed and motivated to serve the Lord with the same principled zeal that was displayed by those thousands of heroes of the faith in 1662.



A native of South Wales, Gary Brady has been the pastor of Childs Hill Baptist Church, north-west London, since 1983. He has studied at the University of Wales, in Aberystwyth and Cardiff, and in London at the London Theological Seminary and John Owen Centre. He holds a ThM degree from Westminster Theological Seminary.