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The Five Points of Calvinism (Dabney)

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Here is a clear and concise introduction to the Calvinistic understanding of God’s grace in salvation from one of the leading Southern Presbyterians of the nineteenth century. Reading Dabney’s exposition of the “five points” will enrich one’s appreciation for God’s grace, the glory of the gospel, Christ’s redemptive work, and the security of the believer.


"The most conspicuous figure and the leading theological guide of the Southern Presbyterian Church, the most prolific theological writer that Church has as yet produced, and for a period of over forty years one of the most distinguished and probably the most impressive teacher of its candidates for the ministry." - B.B. Warfield

"The best teacher of theology in the United States, if not the world. " - A.A. Hodge

"R.L. Dabney was one of the nineteenth century's greatest theologians, in fact one of the top Reformed theologians of all time. His work is invariably exegetical and precise. I am very thankful to the folk at Solid Ground Christian Books for making Dabney's 'Five Points of Calvinism' available. The book will prove useful for the explanation and defense of these foundational doctrines of grace." Joseph A. Pipa, Jr., Ph.D. President of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

"Dabney was a towering figure in the 19th century American theological world. His exposition of the five points of Calvinism will enrich the reader's appreciation for the doctrines of grace, the glory of the Gospel, the accomplishment of the work of Christ and the security of the believer." - Ligon Duncan

"Dabney has been described as representing a moderate Calvinism. That does not mean, however, he was a man with little or no convictions. The Five Points of Calvinism is a good introduction to Dabney in 'moderation' and a better place for the novice to be trained in basic Calvinism. Abounding with Scripture and logical argumentation, this is another 'old book' that's useful for the Church today." - Dr. C.N. Willborn


Robert L. Dabney (March 5, 1820 – January 3, 1898) was an American Christian theologian, a Southern Presbyterian pastor, and Confederate Army chaplain.