The Evidences of Christianity (Dagg)

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This volume aims to exhibit the evidences of Christianity in a clear and comprehensive view, and in the order best adapted to produce conviction in common minds. It directs the first and chief attention to the Bible, investigates its character, and obtains proof of its divine origin, first from obvious and well-known facts, and afterwards from less accessible sources of information.

We are all passing, one by one, to a world which human intelligence has never explored, and of which the Bible gives the only information that we can obtain. in illuminating our way to that world, the Bible, like the sun in the heavens, so shines upon us that it reveals its character by its own light; and every one who will, may with his own vision, walk by this light, without trusting a fellow-traveler to lead him by the hand. May the glorious effulgence of divine truth emanating from the Bible, banish all darkness of ignorance of doubt from the mind of every reader, and guide his steps in the way of peace and holiness to life eternal!



John Leadley Dagg, born in Loudoun County, Virginia, lived to be over 90 years old. He died in June 1884, as one of the most respected men in American Baptist life, and remains one of the most profound thinkers produced by his denomination