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The Christian View of Man (Machen)

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The question: What is Man? which arose centuries ago in the Psalms remains one of the most vital issues faced by present-day man.

Bewildered by technological advance, alienated from the convictions and lifestyle of his forefathers, modern man has lost his place in the universe. The echoes of his bewilderment can be heard everywhere, from the city graffiti to the rock songs, subcultures and new religions of our time.

Yet there is an answer to man’s identity crisis. Man is made by God, in his image, for his glory. This truth with all its implications, is the theme of Gresham Machen’s popular presentation of The Christian View of Man. It explains, for Christians and non-Christians alike, how the Bible serves as a mirror to show us who we are. In simple yet careful language, Machen deals with such subjects as creation, man as the image of God, the fall, sin, God’s providence and care, and God’s restoring grace.

Table of Contents: 

  1. The Living and True God
  2. The Decrees of God
  3. God’s Decrees and Man’s Freedom
  4. What is Predestination?
  5. Does the Bible Teach Predestination?
  6. Objections to Predestination
  7. God’s Works of Creation and Providence
  8. God’s Works of Providence
  9. Miracles
  10. Did God Create Man?
  11. How Did God Create Man?
  12. God’s Image in Man
  13. The Covenant of Life
  14. The Fall of Man
  15. What is Sin?
  16. The Majesty of the Law of God
  17. Is Mankind Lost in Sin?
  18. The Consequences of the Fall of Man
  19. What is Original Sin?
  20. Sinners Saved by Grace        


J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937) was professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1936 Machen was instrumental with others in founding what became the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and was its first Moderator.