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The Best Match: The Soul's Espousal to Christ (Pearse)

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Soli Deo Gloria Publications


Taking his theme from 2 Corinthians 11:2, Edward Pearse discusses the blessed marriage that exists between believers and Christ. He shows what makes Christ the perfect Bridegroom and how it is that God accomplishes this grand espousal. This is a work of great spiritual value, charged with experiential vitality and liberally sprinkled with gospel exhortations. Read and see that there is no better match for your soul than Jesus.

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  1. Wherein an introduction is made into our intended discourse, the foundation thereof laid, and the matters to be inquired into in our procedure therein proposed
  2. The espousal or marriage relation between Christ and believers opened, and the import thereof laid down in five things
  3. In which the way and means of the accomplishment of this espousal or marriage relation between Christ and believers is enquired into, and a general account thereof given
  4. Wherein are contained the more remote acts of divine grace, put forth more immediately by the Father and Jesus Christ, for us, and towards us, in order to the accomplishment of the espousal between Christ and us
  5. Which gives an account of those more near acts of grace which the Father and Jesus Christ, by the Spirit, do put forth in us and upon us, for the effecting of the espousals between Christ and us
  6. Being a call to, and treaty with, souls, in order to an espousal between Christ and them
  7. Which shows what manner of Husband Christ is, and how qualified for the endearing of Him to souls, and rendering Him desirable in a conjugal union
  8. Which shows what great things Christ does for all His spouses
  9. Which opens a little the heart of Christ, and shows how much He is set upon an espousal to sinners
  10. Which directs souls, and shows them the way how to attain unto this sweet and blessed espousal with Jesus Christ
  11. Directions how to attain unto this sweet and blessed espousal continued
  12. Being a contemplation of the infinite love and condescension of Christ to souls, and the unspeakable comfort and happiness of believers in this sweet espousal 


“The arguments by which the author presses souls to come to Christ are most sympathetic and strong. And as there is a vein of heavenly affection which runs through the whole body of the discourse to allure such who are yet strangers to the Lord Jesus to fall in love with Him, so there is much solid matter interwoven, whereby those who are already called and have attained to some acquaintance with spiritual things may receive farther advantages.” — John Rowe (1626–1677), lecturer to Westminster Abbey and pastor of a congregation in Holborn, London.

About the Author

Edward Pearse (c. 1633–1673) earned a bachelor of arts degree from St. John’s College in 1654. In 1657, he was appointed preacher at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, the historic church adjacent to Westminster Abbey in London [pictured on the cover]. The following year he was appointed lecturer at Westminster Abbey.

Ejected from office in 1660, Pearse probably continued to live in London. There is some evidence that Pearse may have resumed preaching as minister of a dissenting congregation at or near Hampstead.

Pearse died of tuberculosis at about age forty. When he knew that death was imminent, he fretted that he had done so little of what he intended for the Lord and prayed that some of his work might be useful after his death.