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Singleness: Living Faithfully (Swett)

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Singleness is not a problem or a waiting period—it’s a place where many of us live, and it offers unique blessings, challenges, and opportunities. Writing as a fellow traveler, Jenilyn Swett turns to Scripture to show how our identity in Christ, paired with a robust theology of singleness, gives us a vision for the single life, no matter how short or long it may be. Daily readings reflect on practical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of faithful living as a single person. We are God’s children above all else—we find in him all the riches we need. 

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Jenilyn Swett (MDiv, Covenant Theological Seminary) is the director of adult ministries at Restoration Community Church (PCA) in St. Louis, Missouri.



“Life-giving, convicting, inspiring, and hope-filled, this devotional is a gift and treasure to the single community [and] is to be read time and time again by all who desire to know Christ more.”

—Suzanne R. Bates, Assistant Professor of Counseling, Covenant Theological Seminary 


 “[This book] caught me beautifully off guard. I expected to be encouraged in my singleness with biblical truth and kindness from a fellow journeyer. This devotional, however, goes much deeper.”

—Ellen Mary Dykas, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Harvest USA


“[This] powerful devotional . . . is sure to be a blessing not only to single Christians but also to those in the church who seek to love, support, and grow with them.”

—Duke Kwon, Lead Pastor, Grace Meridian Hill, Washington, DC


“Jenilyn has provided a place for those who are single, married, single again, and married-again. . . . You will find her tone and perspective empathetic, honest, helpful, and redemptive.”

—Tim S. Lane, President, Institute for Pastoral Care