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Robert E. Lee: The Christian (Johnstone)

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Christian Liberty

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Robert E. Lee is one of the most iconic figures in American history. While many will disagree with his decision to serve in the Confederate army (and on occasion, military historians will argue over some of his decisions as a general), his personal character has never been besmirched. Robert E. Lee has long been an inspiration to Americans in general and Christians in particular, regardless of one's view of the Civil War. Lee's character and ability have attracted admirers from all sides.

While many biographies of Lee have been written since his death, this one is unique. Rather than a typical biography, author reveals that the true source of Lee's greatness was his Christian faith. Johnstone covers both Lee's personal and public life in detail—often showcasing a character quality, military instance of note, or a letter he sent—but always connects them to his trust in Christ.