Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English Translation: Volume 4, 1600–1693 (Dennison, ed.)

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This is the fourth and final volume of James T. Dennison’s Reformed Confessions project, which compiles numerous Reformed confessions of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries translated into English. For many of these texts, this is their debut in the Anglo-Saxon vernacular. It provides the English-speaking world a richer and more comprehensive view of the emergence and maturation of Reformed theology in these foundational centuries—foundational centuries for Reformed thought and foundational summaries of Reformed doctrine for these centuries.

Each confessional statement is preceded by a brief introduction containing necessary historical and bibliographical background. The confessions are arranged chronologically, with this final volume presenting thirty-six documents covering the years 1600–1693. This volume also contains indexes for the complete set, covering Scripture references, names of persons and places, and subjects.

Documents in this volume:

92. The Points of Difference (1603)

93. Waldensian Confession (1603)

94. Confession of the Synod of Cassel (1607)

95. Hessian Catechism (1607)

96. Confession of the Heidelberg Theologians (1607)

97. The Remonstrance (1610)

98. The Counter Remonstrance (1611)

99. The Bentheim Confession (1613)

100. Confession of the Evangelical Church of Germany (1614)

101. The Confession of John Sigismund (1614)

102. The Irish Articles (1615)

103. Scottish Confession (1616)

104. Seven Articles of the Church of Leiden (1617)

105. The Cannons of Dort (1618–1619)

106. The Confession of Cyril Lukaris (1629)

107. Leipzig Colloquy (1631)

108. The London Baptist Confession (1644)

109. Brief Confession of the Westminster Assembly (1645)

110. The Colloquy of Thorn (1645)

111. The Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)

112. The London Confession (1646)

113. Benjamin Cox’s Baptist Appendix (1646)

114. Westminster Larger Catechism (1647)

115. Westminster Shorter Catechism (1647)

116. The Geneva Theses (1649)

117. The Cambridge Platform (1648)

118. The Principles of Faith (1652)

119. A New Confession of Faith (1654)

120. The Midlands Confession (1655)

121. Waldensian Confession (1655)

122. The Somerset Confession (1656)

123. The Savoy Declaration (1658)

124. Waldensian Confession (1662)

125. The Formula Consensus Helvetica (1675)

126. The London Baptist Confession (1677)

127. The Baptist Catechism (1693)



James T. Dennison, Jr. is Academic Dean of Northwest Theological Seminary in Washington, where he also serves as Professor of Church History and Biblical Theology. He is the author of The Market Day of the Soul, editor of Kerux: The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary, and has also edited various books including Francis Turretin’s Institutes of Elenctic Theology, Geerhardus Vos’s Old Testament Eschatology, and The Letters of Geerhardus Vos



“A comprehensive collection of the main statements of faith of all Reformed communities considered as orthodox (Waldensian, Zwinglian, Calvinist, and Anglican). Many of these documents are translated into English for the first time. References to existing critical editions are provided systematically. The editor has rendered a great service to modern-day churches which identify with the Zwinglian and Calvinist Reformation and also to all students and scholars not just of theology but of the history of religious institutions and culture of the period. He is particularly to be commended for including the 17th century, thus enabling us to chart the diversity and the development of Reformation communities over nearly two centuries. A must for every library.” - Dr. Irena Backus, Professor, Institute of Reformation History, University of Geneva

“James Dennison’s introductions and comprehensive compilation of sixteenth and seventeenth century Reformed confessions is a magnificent achievement that witnesses powerfully to the rich development, harmony, and piety of the Reformed faith. With the Spirit’s blessing, these volumes will help recover a robust and vital Reformed theology that informs minds, convicts hearts, and moves hands to live exclusively for God’s glory. Every Reformed pastor, professor, seminary student, library, and thoughtful layman should buy and study this remarkable collection.” —Dr. Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“This is an invaluable compilation that brings together in one volume many Reformed confessions of the first thirty years of the Reformation. The whole series will be most useful both for bringing together what has previously been scattered and for making material available in English for the first time.” — Dr. Anthony N. S. Lane, Professor of Historical Theologyand Director of Research, London School of Theology

“…a highly significant collection of Reformed confessional documents, offering not only the confessions and catechisms found in the older collections but a host of important confessions and catechisms that belong to the history of the Reformed churches but have been either ignored or left untranslated. These documents will provide a substantial resource for the study of the rise and progress of the Reformed faith in the early modern era.” — Dr. Richard A. Muller, P. J. Zondervan Professorof Historical Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary

“Through these volumes, James Dennison has provided an invaluable resource for those interested in the history of the Reformation. His compilation of statements of faith and doctrine from across Europe’s Reformed churches includes many texts here translated into English for the first time. These volumes will greatly aid our understanding of the nature and development of the Reformed tradition in early modern Europe.” —Dr. Graeme Murdock, Senior Lecturer in Modern History,School of Historical Studies, University of Birmingham