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Purposeful and Persistent Parenting (Raquet)

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Free Grace Press

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"Purposeful and Persistent Parenting is a little gem of a book. I get asked to review many good books, but I have not reviewed a book about which I am more enthusiastic than this one. I am enthusiastic about this book because it takes biblical principles of child-rearing and put the feet of wise application on them. Often, I fear, parents struggling against the tide of our culture react into extremist and foolish applications of perfectly biblical principles. On the other hand, biblical principles of child-rearing do require more than lip-service. They require diligent practice in the everyday world. Parenting challenges like whining, proactive parenting, the practical application of the rod, sitting still, mealtimes, and many other issues are discussed in a biblical, reasonable, and practical way. Another thing that commends this book is its tone. I much appreciate the kind and generous way in which John and Cindy have written. It allows parents to apply the insights and practices John and Cindy suggest in a way that fits their own situation. It also recognizes that in matters of practical application there is room for discussion and difference of opinion.  I believe this easy-to-read volume will provide a reason for many parents to thank God for the labors of John and Cindy on behalf of their children and grandchildren." - Sam Waldron

"Purposeful and Persistent Parenting hits a home run for getting things in order from the start of parenting. Every young parent needs to read this book. It is targeted to the first ten years of parenting, where everything matters most. It will get you going in the right direction. John and Cindy Raquet understand with clarity that laying solid foundations early on is critical. It is full of helpful ideas grounded in the Word of God. I can’t wait to get it into the hands of my grown children raising their families." – Scott T. Brown

"Moms and Dads, if you desire to cultivate joy, unity, and a renewed biblical purpose regarding your parenting approach, you must read this book. It will it help you. It will help your children, and in fact, it will help the entire Christian community take a significant step in rediscovering purposeful and persistent parenting." – Doug Barger