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None Greater: The Undomesticated Attributes of God (Barrett)

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For too long, Christians have domesticated God, bringing him down to our level as if he is a God who can be tamed. But he is a God who is high and lifted up, the Creator rather than the creature, someone than whom none greater can be conceived. If God is the most perfect, supreme being, infinite and incomprehensible, then certain perfect-making attributes must be true of him. Perfections like aseity, simplicity, immutability, impassibility, and eternity shield God from being crippled by creaturely limitations. At the same time, this all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-wise God accommodates himself, exhibiting perfect holiness, mercy, and love as he makes known who he is and how he will save us. 

The attributes of God show us exactly why God is worthy of worship: there is none like him. Join Matthew Barrett as he rediscovers these divine perfections and finds himself surprised by the God he thought he knew.


1.   Can We Know the Essence of God? Incomprehensibility    
2.   Can We Think God's Thoughts after Him? How the Creature Should (and Should Not) Talk about the Creator    
3.   Is God the Perfect Being? Why an Infinite God Has No Limitations    
4.   Does God Depend on You? Aseity    
5.   Is God Made Up of Parts? Simplicity    
6.   Does God Change? Immutability    
7.   Does God Have Emotions? Impassibility    
8.   Is God in Time? Timeless Eternity    
9.   Is God Bound by Space? Omnipresence    
10.   Is God All-Powerful, All-Knowing, and All-Wise? Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnisapience    
11.   Can God Be Both Holy and Loving? Righteousness, Goodness, and Love    
12.   Should God Be Jealous for His Own Glory? Jealousy and Glory



Matthew Barrett is associate professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of God's Word Alone and Reformation Theology. He is also the executive editor of Credo magazine and the host of the Credo podcast.



"Matthew Barrett's excellent book lays out in clear, accessible terms what the biblical, historic, ecumenical doctrine of God is, why it matters, and why its abandonment by great swathes of the Protestant world is something that needs correction."  -Carl R. Trueman, professor, Grove City College; author of Grace Alone

"Perhaps not since R. C. Sproul has there been a treatment of such deep theology with such careful devotion and accessibility. Read this book. And stagger."  -Jared Wilson, director of content strategy, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; managing editor, For the Church; author of The Gospel-Driven Church

"The knowledge of God is the soil in which Christian piety flourishes. I am grateful for the publication of None Greater and pray it will be a source of growth in godliness among those captivated by its vision of God's supremacy."  -Scott Swain, president and James Woodrow Hassell Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary-Orlando; author of Reformed Catholicity