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Messiah the Prince: The Mediatorial Dominion of Jesus Christ (Symington)

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Often Christians focus on Jesus' role as Prophet or Priest, but leave unaddressed his role as King over all men and nations. William Symington, a 19th century Reformed Presbyterian and Scottish pastor, wrote Messiah the Prince to examine the particular significance of Jesus Christ as King. Revelation 1:5 says that Christ is the "prince of the kings of the earth." What obligations does this place upon the civil magistrate? What obligations might this place upon the people who are governed, including those people who vote for their civil magistrate? Of what significance is the truth that the One who was the atoning sacrifice for His people (the Priest) and the one who spoke and taught the Word in its fullness (the Prophet) is also the Ruler of all (the King)?

What might it mean when Jesus said, "Make all nations My disciples"? Symington answers these questions is a way that will push some modern Christians past their comfort zone. He makes that case that Christ is reigning now and that all nations must answer to Him, and it is the Church's responsibility to make that call on the nations, their governors and their governed. Newly in paperback, this theological classic will now reach a new generation at a time when we need its message more than ever.


Table of Contents:

  1. Necessity of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion
  2. Reality of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion
  3. Christ’s Qualifications for the Kingly Office
  4. Appointment of Christ to Mediatorial Dominion
  5. The Spirituality of Christ’s Mediatorial Dominion
  6. The Universality of Christ’s Mediatorial Rule
  7. The Kingly Office of Christ in Relation to the Church
  8. The Mediatorial Dominion Over the Nations
  9. Mediatorial Dominion Over the Nations, Continued    
  10. Perpetuity of the Mediatorial Dominion