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Life and Letters of John A. Broadus

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John Albert Broadus (1827–1895) was an American Baptist pastor and professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of the most famous preachers of his day. Charles Spurgeon deemed Broadus the “greatest of living preachers.” Church historian Albert Henry Newman later said “perhaps the greatest man the Baptists have produced.”

"Doctor John Albert Broadus’s personal character, accurate scholarship, original thinking, marvelous preaching, matchless teaching, great wisdom, rare personal influence, breadth of view, high ideals, and earnest piety, mark him as one of the foremost products of American manhood, one of the ripest fruits of modern Christianity. The high praise here given will seem sober truth to the multitudes who felt the joyous touch of his personal power and will be amply justified to those who knew him not by the life story here unfolded." – A. T. Robertson, from the Preface


Table of Contents:

  1. The Broaddus Family
  2. Major Edmund Broadus
  3. Youth of John A. Broadus
  4. The Schoolmaster
  5. The University Student
  6. A Year in Fluvanna
  7. Charlottesville and the University
  8. The Change to His Life-Work
  9. The Shock of War
  10. Making a New Start
  11. A Year Abroad
  12. The Struggle for the Seminary’s Life
  13. The First Years in Louisville
  14. Memories of My Father’s Home-Life
  15. Realizing His Hopes About the Seminary
  16. Succeeding Doctor Boyce as President
  17. The Last Year