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Lies We are Told, the Truth We Must Hold: Worldviews and Their Consequences

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We are surrounded by lies. They are incorporated into the worldview of our culture. We daily absorb them, and these lies can have deadly effects on individuals, societies and whole civilizations.

Sharon James investigates the origins of some of these lies and looks at how we have got to the point where ‘my truth’ is as valid as ‘your truth’, and absolute truth is an outdated way of thinking. In examining the evidence of history, she highlights the consequences of applying dangerous untruths. She also looks at how Christians often respond to the culture’s lies – in silence, acquiescence or celebration of them – and why these responses can be as harmful as the lies themselves.

In the second part she turns to the truth which leads to real liberation and justice. She shows why we don’t need to be ashamed of Christ, or intimidated by the claims of those who are militantly opposed to the Bible.

This book aims to equip Christians to navigate the minefield of current claims. To understand our inherent human significance, to know genuine freedom, and to work for real justice, we need to know the truth.

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Chapter headings include:

Part One: The Lies We Are Told

1.     There is no God and no Absolute Morality

·       Ludwig Feuerbach (1804–72): God is Just a Comfort Blanket

·       Charles Darwin (1809–82): Made Atheism Intellectually Possible

·       Karl Marx (1818–83): Overthrow the Old Society

·       From Dream to Nightmare

2.     ‘No God’: From Atheism to Death Camps

·       Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1908): No Transcendent Morality

·       Sigmund Freud (1856–1939): To be Human is to be Sexual

·       Wilhelm Reich (1897–1957): Father of the Sexual Revolution

·       Margaret Sanger (1879–1966): Sex as Salvation

·       Sexual Liberation: Triumph or Tragedy?

3.     ‘No Absolute Morality’: From Relativism to Fatherlessness

·       Five Ways to Destabilize Society

4.     ‘No Universal Truth’: The Death of Common Sense

5.     ‘No Universal Humanity’: Divided We Fall

6.     False Prophets: The Compromised Church

Part Two: The Truth We Must Hold

7.     The Biblical Worldview: Foundation of Truth, Freedom and Dignity

·       God the Creator

·       Created in His Image

·       We Are All Sinners

·       We Can All be Forgiven

8.     The Biblical Worldview: Foundation of Human Flourishing

·       God’s Good Design: Family

·       God’s Good Design: Work

·       God’s Good Design: Communities

·       God’s Good Design: Nations

9.     The Biblical Worldview: Christ is King – Hope for the Future

10. What Should I Do Now?



Sharon James has written several books, and has spoken in conferences in many parts of the world. She studied history at Cambridge University, theology at Toronto Baptist Seminary, and has a doctorate from the University of Wales. Sharon is married to Bill, Principal of London Seminary. They have two grown–up children. She works for The Christian Institute.



"… shows us that it all started with the denial of the existence of God, absolute morality, and universal truth. Instead, the world conjured up its own notions of truth and justice. The only antidote is to return to a biblical worldview, which Sharon very deftly lays out in the second half of her book. I highly recommend this work!" - John MacArthur, Chancellor Emeritus, The Master’s University and Seminary and Pastor–Teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California