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Let's Study Galatians (Thomas)

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‘The whole unfolding Let’s Study series is a must for every Christian home that is serious about getting to know the Word.’ — COVENANTER WITNESS

Paul’s letter to the churches of Galatia seems to burst on the reader like a sudden storm. The issues it raises still generate controversy, even after two thousand years of church history. In large measure this is because what was at stake when Paul wrote was the gospel itself. The question of whether human works were to play any part in the justification of sinners had to be answered clearly if the fledgling Christian movement was to prosper. And Paul was determined to answer it with total clarity. This explains the vigour and energy of his language, and the impact the letter has had down the centuries.

Derek Thomas explains the issues dealt with in the letter and refutes the contentions of the so-called ‘new perspective’ on Paul. His book is an important addition to this expanding series of study guides.

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Table of Contents:

1. This Present Evil Age (1:1-5)

2. When Not to Believe an Angel (1:6-9)

3. Conversion and Call (1:10-17)

4. Fifteen Days with Peter (1:18-24)

5. Preserving the Truth of the Gospel (2:1-5)

6. Paul, Peter and James (2:6-10)

7. The Clash of the Titans (2:11-14)

8. Justification by Faith or Law? (2:15-21)

9. Begun by the Spirit, Completed by the Flesh? (3:1-9)

10. Redeemed from the Curse of the Law (3:10-14) 

11. Law and Promise (3:15-18)

12. The Purpose of the Law (3:19-24)

13. If Christ’s, Then Heirs (3:25-29)

14. From Slavery to Sonship (4:1-7)

15. Knowing and Being Known (4:8-11)

16. Christ Formed in you! (4:12-20)

17. Hagar (4:21-31)

18. Freedom (5:1-6)

19. Love (5:7-12)

20. Flesh and Spirit (5:13-21)

21. Walking in Step with the Spirit (4:7-11)

22. Bearing One Another’s Burdens (6:1-6)

23. Weary in Well-Doing (6:7-10) 

24. Only a New Creation Counts (6:11-18) 



Derek Thomas is minister of preaching and teaching at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. He is editorial director of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and distinguished visiting professor of systematic and historical theology at Reformed Theological Seminary.