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Lectures to My Students - Banner of Truth (Spurgeon)

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While C.H. Spurgeon is still remembered as being the most popular preacher of the Victorian era, it has generally been forgotten that the influence he exercised on fellow ministers and theological students was possibly an even greater factor in his life than his own personal ministry. That he organized a college, supervised the training of some 845 students, presided at an annual conference of ministers, and regarded all this as his ‘life’s labour and delight’ are facts that are little known today.

Spurgeon’s Lectures to my Students, contain the substance of Spurgeon’s regular Friday afternoon addresses to the college students. This new complete and unabridged Banner edition, which as been newly typeset, contains all the lectures in the original first and second series, including The Minister’s Self-Watch, The Preacher’s Private Prayer, The Minister’s Fainting Fits, The Holy Spirit in Connection with our Ministry, The Need of Decision for the Truth, and On Conversion as our Aim. Also included is a third series of lectures, originally published as The Art of Illustration, which focuses on the nature, use, and sources of illustrations and anecdotes in preaching. To make this new edition as complete as possible, the publishers have also included Spurgeon’s Commenting and Commentaries, which contains two further lectures and a fascinating and often humorously annotated catalogue of commentaries. This catalogue, compiled by Spurgeon after a review of some three to four thousand volumes, is anything but dull: calculated to produce enthusiasts for books, it also opens up a new world by its well placed signposts to the riches of the past.

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Table of Contents: 

  Publisher’s Note vii
  The Pastors’ College xiii
  Introduction and Apology xv
1 The Minister’s Self-Watch 1
2 The Call to the Ministry 19
3 The Preacher’s Private Prayer 42
4 Our Public Prayer 55
5 Sermons – Their Matter 76
6 On the Choice of a Text 89
7 On Spiritualizing 109
8 On the Voice 125
9 Attention! 146
10 The Faculty of Impromptu Speech 162
11 The Minister’s Fainting Fits 179
12 The Minister’s Ordinary Conversation 193
13 To Workers with Slender Apparatus 204
  Introduction 219
1 The Holy Spirit in Connection with Our Ministry 223
2 The Necessity of Ministerial Progress 247
3 The Need of Decision for the Truth 264
4 Open-Air Preaching – A Sketch of Its History 280
5 Open-Air Preaching – Remarks Thereon 303
6 Posture, Action, Gesture, etc – First Lecture 324
7 Posture, Action, Gesture, etc – Second Lecture 347
8 Earnestness – Its Marring and Maintenance 374
9 The Blind Eye and the Deaf Ear 394
10 On Conversion as Our Aim 412
  The Art of Illustration  
  Introductory Notes 429
1 Illustrations in Preaching 433
2 Anecdotes from the Pulpit 448
3 The Uses of Anecdotes and Illustrations 468
4 Where Can We Find Anecdotes and Illustrations? 492
5 Cyclopædias of Anecdotes and Illustrations 510
6 Books of Fables, Emblems, and Parables 534
7 The Sciences as Sources of Illustration – Astronomy 599
  Appendix a: Reviews of Books of Anecdotes, etc 636
  Appendix b: List of C H Spurgeon’s Illustrative Works 649
  Preface 653
  The Pastors’ College 657
1 A Chat about Commentaries 659
2 On Commenting 680
3 Remarks upon the Catalogue of Commentaries 693
4 Catalogue of Biblical Commentaries and Expositions 695



C. H. Spurgeon (1834-92), the great Victorian preacher, was one of the most influential people of the second half of the 19th Century. He was a famous British preacher and pastor for 38 years of New Park Street Chapel, later called the Metropolitan Tabernacle. At the heart of his desire to preach was a fierce love of people, a desire that meant he did not neglect his pastoral ministry.